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andyzed1... - Andy NN1 - 25Apr2016 8:03 AM
Given the time it has taken me to post this, it is inevitably going to be tinged with more of an air of sadness than would ever have been intended at the time, but here goes.....
It was a standard NN1 evening as I arrived at the Playhouse..... two police cars speeding in a blue, noisy blur into the side streets nearby. But had they missed their quarry? Four suspicious-looking types hanging round the doorway for me to awkwardly squeeze between.... Only as I drew closer did their identity become apparent beneath the orange glowing streetlight..... The Jazz Butcher Quartet do EVERYTHING themselves.... they even act as bouncers at their own shows ! (only after I barged past did I discover that they were actually the ticket sellers first and foremost! So, back down the stairs I sheepishly trotted to exchange money for music).
I used to love a pre-Xmas show... and this felt like an early present to the people of Northampton (other towns always welcome too!). Great form, great set, great venue. If the show was indeed a Xmas Gift Of Music, then THAT version of Southern Mark Smith was the surprise present that you didn't find hidden at the back of your mums wardrobe.
Thank you all, and God rest ye merry, Mr Garofalo.

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