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Great new band
michael.whitworth... - Michael, Oxford - 22Sep2014 1:10 PM
The JBQ's minimal instrumentation consists of a double bass, a small drum kit played mostly with brushes, a trumpet and an assortment of mutes, and vocals and acoustic guitar from Pat. The new band brings a completely new but entirely sympathetic sound to Pat's songs (and a few cover versions.) 'Living in a Village' in particular sounded great in this style, with delicate guitar and a subtle groove that was reminiscent of The Bhundu Boys or other southern African style songs. 'Solar Core', the rockiest song off 'Gentleman Adventurers', retains its dynamism in its JBQ incarnation. A new song got an airing, Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar, a darkly symbolic tale of twoccing and torching (I think); I can't wait to hear it again, and I wonder if Ms Hargreaves really existed. On stage the band position themselves to face each other as much as the audience, so there's a lot of interaction between them, and they look as if they're having a lot of fun.

skolley... - sandra, London - 20Sep2014 8:09 PM
what a blinking *wonderful* evening ... thank you for your
awesomeness :)

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