The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Sigh...come back soon
lazure... - Jean Lazure, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada - 1Jul2013 11:37 AM
Missed the opportunity of a lifetime to see you guys only an 8 hour drive from my home. Were it not for some compelling and most unfortunate family news received that very day, I'd have jumped in my car. I won't miss such a show again, hopefully you come back to NYC (or heck, even Ottawa, Canada, I can dream) some day soon. Take care guys.

Tickets for Cake Shop, Monday June 17
rsd... - SD, USA - 8Jun2013 3:54 PM
The Cake Shop does tickets on a "will call" basis. You can email Andy at cakeshopusa[at] and he will arrange to have your tickets ready to pick up.

JB and ME at The Cake Shop
EchoBmen... - Mark R - 3Jun2013 5:41 AM
Longtime fan who's never had the opportunity to see you in person. Very much looking forward to this ... may I say, RARE ... opportunity. And I intend to show up even though The Cake Shop offers NO valet parking.


Tickets Available?
jdvf... - Foonon, New England - 24May2013 3:53 AM
Are tickets for this show available yet? The website does not even indicate that the gig is happening yet!


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