The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Southern California gig anytime in near future
erfarley... - Farley in Orange County, CA USA - 9Nov2011 10:16 PM
Would really love to catch a gig!

When are you coming back to LA?
cheeso65... - Cheeso, Los Angeles - 4Oct2011 10:50 PM
I just saw that you did 3 gigs here with Max, and I managed to miss them all. When are you all coming back?

show no show so?
martinrgough... - martin - 22Jun2011 6:24 PM
How about a show in Canada,Toronto? It's time! Your fans are all well into their 40's and have more money now and want to feel 20'ish one more time..That's what they told me :>

Across the Pond
clownpenis... - Drunk In Toronto - 24May2011 3:48 PM
You can hit Toronto and Buffalo and sod the rest!!

an attempt at across the pond mind control
mrom1030... - Michelle Buffalo, NY - 24May2011 11:29 AM
Throwing in my suggestion to come play in the States! It's been too long and we're in much need of a live Butcher fix!