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what you missed
right.knewit... - Dave, Ohio - 25Aug2009 8:07 AM
Great show - very low key and small crowd. Interesting gig / not sure what the common thread was between the acts, but a very enjoyable & intimate show. Sound was great.

I didn't write down the setlist, but I remember:
*Speeding Motorcycle - Daniel Johnston. Pat Fish has a way of making songs sound like his own.
*Quality People (Wilson)
*Mercy (didn't know this one..)
*Play it all Night Long - Warren Zevon. Travel far to hear Pat's rendition of this. Fan-fking-tastic.
*Old Snakey
*Sister Death
*Thoughtless Kind - John Cale

.. a few more in there too...

I drove 1.5 hours each way from/to London - well worth the trip!

Bad video/ bad audio, but a small taste & all I've got:

right.knewit... - Dave, Ohio - 7Aug2009 6:20 AM
Finally - I take a trip to the UK and Mr. Fish has a local gig! I shall be there!

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