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JBC was in LA?
tidewriter... - Tony in San Francisco - 10Dec2009 11:46 AM
How in f*cking hell did I miss this show?

Next trip to US and you need a promoter LMK!!

How could we NOT know about these shows in LA!?!?!?
joel... - Jg, SF - 5Dec2009 3:53 PM
shooot man, let's get the email list out of hiatus, and back in action; we would have come to both.


Great Show!
bundy.p... - Patrick Payson Utah - 15Oct2009 5:01 PM
Great show, Max and Pat did short solo sets with the Fish doing Warren Zevon's "Play it all Night Long" WOW
Powerful JBC set that paid tribute to Southern Mark Smith, Mr. Odd, Caroline Wheeler, Zombie Love, Angels and the Roadrunner. Only my second show in 23 Years, not from a lack of effort.

Well worth the flight from Salt Lake City
Come again soon!

gbv2... - scott los angeles - 12Oct2009 8:19 PM
any idea what time the JBC takes the stage?

Come to Jamaica.. err Come to Portland
mikecoplin... - Mike in Eugene / Portland - 11Oct2009 1:17 AM
The weather is great up here, really. Many JBC fans up here!

West Coast USA
adrian... - Mister Odd, Portland Oregon - 7Oct2009 12:18 PM
While Pat and Max are on the west coast, can they be persuaded to travel north a few hundred miles and play a gig or two in Portland, Oregon?

I should like to see this forever
rarevictory... - david james - 4Oct2009 12:21 PM
WTF ? here? in los angeles???! how did ... I mean I ..... last time was late 90's..... Troubadour gig.... stage diving...... there really IS a santa clause.

J.B. at the Echo
stevesal... - Steve S. (Los Angeles) - 28Sep2009 9:27 PM