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a game of two halves...
philip4tina... - Philip NN8 - 7Apr2007 7:54 AM
Never believe what's written in the press - we know that already. But never believe the local press, especially. The local 'what's on' guide says "Pat Fish" supporting VFT at the Soundhaus on Friday. So I pay my £3 to see Attrition. They're a little like clock dva (remember them!) - a grunting middle aged man smoking jossticks over industrial techno, with a goth-girl wailing operatically. Interesting, but no contest: I blow the headliners in favour of high-octane czech beer fueled Wilson. It really did feel groundbreaking; earthy, raw, dangerous - in need of a good wash. You need to travel wider. Asian Dub Foundation are hitting the road and you ought to be with them. Anyway, its amazing how far you can travel covering a hundred yards in NN1.

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