The Jazz Butcher Feedback

that set list in full
headstone... - the butcher, NN1 - 27Apr2006 7:54 PM
sylvia plath - i hate love - just like bettie page - whaddya? - shame about you - mister odd - land - southern mark smith.

Off to see you boys at 100 Club
neevio... - Niamh in London - 27Apr2006 11:11 AM
Hi ho Pat & Max, am about to head into Oxford Street now to catch your gig. -- Looking forward to it now :)

See you later,

Dave's mate, Niamh

100 Club
peter.momtchiloff... - Peter, Oxford - 20Apr2006 2:25 AM
hello Patrick

it has been many years since we were youths together in Oxford, and almost as long since I say you play, so I'm looking forward to supporting your eminence with my band the Would-be-goods next Thursday


lucretius he a baaad man
wittgenstein, ala.... - rusty - 18Apr2006 7:05 PM
memnos atom riverside nothing over the top now take it easy jazz butchers don't be spoiling yer biscuits for a ha'peth of teeth, do you get me?

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