The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Wilson & Woodentops
lovelywoodnymph... - Lovely Woodnymph, Oxford - 13Sep2006 4:07 PM
Excellent night! Wilson and Woodentops both on excellent form. And even worth the arduous treck to Northampton and car park hell.

When are you going to record more tracks? Specifically, when are you going to record the one you played first (I forget the name).

Wilson & Woodentops
michael... - Michael, Oxford - 12Sep2006 6:36 AM
Fantastic to see the Woodentops back in action. They were as energetic as ever, and as delicate and controlled: they know just when to throw in everything, and when to strip everything down. (I mean the music: Rolo kept his clothes on.) Wilson were on excellent form too. Where are the photos?

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