The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Cambridge - December 30th?
Atonyjenkins... - Cambridge - 15Dec2005 4:43 AM
Hey Pat, it's Tony - still a big fan of the Butcher beat but it seems a long, long time since the days of the 'Abigails Birthday party' tape and those crazy fanclub stories! Are you playing the Man On the Moon on 30th December? See you there!

therealwendyt... - Near Nottingham - 8Nov2005 2:09 PM
Please come to Nottingham, or even Derby.
I haven't seen a JB gig since 1983ish
Go on, please.


Come back
jbianch... - Chicago, USofA - 6Sep2005 12:00 PM
After 7 years with out a turntable, my JB cassettes had finally worn out and I was forced to get a new one and transfer my LPs to mp3s. Happy as I am to once again be able to listen to the 5 greatest albums I own, I got to thinking, I wonder what ever happened to those guys... They never call or even write.
For God's (and our) sakes Gentlemen, isn't it time for a gig in Chicago? My feet still hurt from the '86 debacle, and 19 years later the old knees are starting to ache, but there are enough of us who still remember that day and would dearly love to see Mr. Fish and Mr. Eider again. Just please be on time so we don't have to sit through another 2 hours of the Precious Wax Drippings.

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