The Jazz Butcher Feedback
Curtis E Johson formerly Fraser... - Northampton - 22Apr2005 6:20 AM
I saw your comments on April the 1st and took it to be joke from a freind
but no, its real I have made it I have a stalker

your persistance has led me to belive that you seem to be sincere.
so sincere infact ,that you have us given a false email address and a false name.
if I had ever known or stolen records from anyone named Entrail divider, I think I would have remembered.
"So, after a tip off from a friend I finally discover blah blah"
its not hard to find me, try Google and its even easier to find my email addy curtis_uk[at]
so why you have decided to flame me on The Jazz butchers forum I really dont know,
however I will be playing at the Phippsville Festival in Northampton on 23rd of this month
so do come down and say Hi I would love to meet you.
I have given up violence and name calling for a few years now but in your case I would be willing to make an exception.
I am 49 years old and left Edinburgh and my smack habit behind me since 1981 and for the last seven years I lived in Edinburgh I was a well paid DJ with an open account at five or more local record stores so stealing records to sell dont sound right to me
in my lfe I have only ever had one gibson guitar it arrived in three bits as the previous owner had bought it to impress his mates with but being unburdened by talent all he could do was emulate the final part of some hendrix townsendian performance and wrecked it
I had it restored but unfortuatley it got stolen like many other guitars throughout my life.
sorry for the rant Pat

Tired of you
The Butcher... - NN1 - 18Apr2005 6:41 AM
No, Curtis is not playing. But yes, maybe you should come down to Northampton anyway, just so that we can kick your bitter little old man's arse all the way back to the flea-ridden bedsit where you write your twisted crap.
Listen, pal - I don't know who you are, and I don't care. People in this town like Curtis a great deal. For you we don't give a shit. Got that, tosser?

Ugly Mug!
entraildivider... - Edinburgh - 18Apr2005 4:58 AM
  #1/3 the mutt playing?....You know, Curtis
Dogface Johnson, the loathsome creature
with the face of any ugly dog and the arse of a
baboon! The man with more enemies than
George W. Bush. Does he still use the cherry
Gibson SG Junior that he stole from my mate
a few years ago?
Maybe we'll come and ask for it back.

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