The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Hi from Felix - Kings langley - 30Aug2005 2:58 AM
Hi Pat,

Long time no ?

Just looked at your website and noticed the gig on Friday 2nd ... but I can't make it ( bummer )

When's the next date that I can drop by, say Hi, and see what's new in the world ?


Weird fish
stevieg81... - Hampton - 3Mar2005 3:43 AM
Blimey! Dogshit silence went the way of The Albert Steptoe Love Triangle; nothing ever committed to any kind of format except in the hearts of those that were there. As for St Francis of Assisi goes oh yeah, for my money the real killer was 3 wheels on my wagon, higgity, haggity, hoggety, high.
Cool gig last night Pat, did we witness the start of a new collaboration, can snakes and fishes exist in perfect harmomy?

Sex at Six
trevor.werewolf... - Trevor Werewolf - 20Feb2005 2:34 AM
Hopefully, if I can find a pilot whose sober, me
and Kenneth will be wheeling out the lear jet
for this one - fetchingly attired in fake kangeroo
skin underpants and thigh length white
football socks.
Do you still do a version of the Chapped
Thigh Creams 'Saddle Sore Whore' - I haven't
heard that in years? Also, it would be nice to
hear a rendition of Dogshit Silence's 'Face
Like A Bagful of Spanners' - I can send you the
lyrics and chords if you can't find them.
I think Steve G. may have an early demo of
this, together with 'St Francis of Assisi Goes
Yeah' - terrible stuff!

Must catch a quokka!


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