The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Big Sunday
andyzed1... - NN1 - 16Oct2005 11:55 AM
I don't know much, but one of the things I do know is that you aren't supposed to have this much fun on a Sunday night!
What SHOULD happen on a Sunday evening? :

Have your weekly bath in front of the fire? Yes!

Watch Joe Woolley nearly destroy his guitar in an unprovoked frenzy? No!

Iron a shirt for the morning? Yes!

Listen to Pat, unshackled from being the Butcher or Headstone, treat us to a medley of tracks spanning the decades AND with Misery Wilson by my side? No!

Curl up in front of Last of the Summer Wine with a bottle of cyanide? Yes!

Be aurally assualted by arguably one of the finest and most expansive bands from these here parts? No!

Great night enjoyed by the masses in attendance. To all those who stayed at home with Nora Batty - YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED!

Now where is that iron??

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