The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Wow !
you... - Northants - 16Sep2005 11:15 AM
It's been 2 weeks and I'm still mesmorised!
When oh when will we see Max & his truely magnificent orchestra again?
Terry Walpole can't be wrong!

I really belive in these, music....
ylensa... - ? - 22Aug2005 8:26 PM
Yes, I should be in england by this date, but I´m having a little problem with the devil, his is fucking hard! for some time, and All things are geting wrong!!! And precisely on the this time of the supreme music!!! I can´t go anymore, this travel is history, Max (lead guitar on Jazz Butcher, best singer, I said this for Pat Fish once, he didn´t answer, at all! Who loves you know on that glorious an acoustic record... Who was singing?), June, Ilove her, a drumer, singer, pianist, guitarist a really music girl! David J. Will be there? he still alive?. I really love to be there and listen to these for sure best music of the world. I I´m have Also the sure tha for some I can get there, as a brazilian muslin like, I will be killed by the Yard!!! Wish you all best luck (don´t need) And play some real listenable, actuall music!!!!

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