The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Don't like Mondays?!
joiain... - Nottingham - 20Sep2005 12:36 PM
You spend your life cursing work, especially when it ends up dumping you in London on a Monday night in mid-September..okay, so maybe the meeting was a little engineered, but it was well worth it. Great to catch up with Pat again, and to recruit a new convert (who had to turn down dinner at The Savoy to come along - quite right too..)

Anyway, here's to more big wooden tape recorders in music (well I guess you had to be there...)

12 Bar Club
Mikki... - London, England - 14Sep2005 9:40 AM
has anyone managed to get tickets for this? The club's 'phones seem to be down and email remaining unanswered...

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