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Blue Aeroplans
skbyers1... - Columbia, MD (USA) - 15Nov2005 3:54 AM
Would absolutely love another brilliant recording from the Blue Aeroplanes. They are incredible!!!

New Blue Aeroplanes Recording?
1967michael... - Bangor, Gwynedd - 3Aug2005 3:22 AM
Does anyone know anything about the above-mentioned Blue
Aeroplanes recording? Would they like to release it on a
subscription basis, like 18th Century volumes of poetry?

Friday night Masters Of
cpnborg... - London - 5Oct2004 8:08 AM
Wish I'd been there, but London to Northampton after work on a Friday wasn't the easiest proposition. Gerard Langley is an absolute star - the first Aeroplanes gig I ever went to sticks in the mind for its brilliance and difference. More power to him, and to the whole Masters Of enterprise.

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