The Jazz Butcher Feedback

stfu... - Hamburg, Germany - 19Nov2003 2:55 PM
I know it must be annoying that people ask you to play here
and there, I'm sorry, really. But still it just feels weird
having seen you twice in the last two years without having
ever heard Angels live. And even though this sounds really
stupid, I'd love to see you here again, playing Angels and
taking my life one step further to completion, heh... it's just
such a beautiful song.
Anyway, in case you're not taking this for serious: I just
hope too see you again sooner or later!

Playing in Los Angeles
loomr21... - Nan, california - 13Nov2003 2:46 AM
It makes me sad that JBC hasn't been here in a while....I would love to see you guys play was one of the best couple night's of my life. I'm the redhead girl with the bride of frankenstein shirt and the spacemen 3 tattoo on my you'd all remember, (yeah, right)...but it doesn't hurt to try!

Come to Canada
djwiebe... - Winnipeg, Canada - 29Oct2003 11:10 PM
"Deep fried squid, only two quid" is what you wrote on my
autograph that received in the good old Pyramid Cabaret in
Winnipeg. I'm going to see Ian McCulloch united with Echo
& The Bunnymen at the same Pyramid tomorrow night!
(Oct. 31st)

Would love to see the JBC return to Canada!

lemme get this straight...
michaelrurikhalaby... - StonePony - 24Oct2003 1:18 PM
i now have, i think, more jbc compliation albums (happy receipient of "Free Lunch" today) than actual jbc original albums at this point. would it be too much to ask for a jbc tour in the extremely near future? saw you in May/June 1988 in Boston and have never forgotten it. am now closer to NN1 (London) so how 'bout it??

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