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Samples and noise
Headstone... - NN1 - 4Nov2002 8:50 AM
Hey - We LIKE samples and noise!

Pat.... Lincolnshire needs you!
American fan in UK... - Lincoln, UK - 10Oct2002 12:00 PM
Yo! I just moved with my family to the UK from the states. We'll be here for the next three years, and it's my goal to catch you live! Please help me attain this dream. It doesn't even have to be in Lincolnshire, I'll travel!! After all, who'd want to come to Lincolnshire??
You're the greatest Pat, hope to see you in the UK soon. (PS: Lincoln Castle is hiring gigs....)

zzp... - la Trinité-sur-mer, Bretagne, France - 1Oct2002 5:44 AM
It would be a good idea to play in Nantes, or in Paris soon ? Please come to visit us ! bye, see you.

detroit needs the jbc
you... - DETROIT, USofA - 22Sep2002 7:23 PM
my condition is blue
we need the return of you
why must you treat us so poorly
we miss you sorely

the mean fiddler w/ the aeros + beatsongs sessions--old acquaintence?!?
mark... - mark helm - 11Sep2002 10:24 PM
pat- if you remember me, you've been behaving yourself far too well. we first met when my old band (radioblue) was doing some fiddler dates w/ our pals the "genuine" Blue Aeroplanes: meaning: jacket hangs era: lix lee, johnners (world's best drummer) langley (got an e-mail from him recently--nice surprise...playing w/ a pretty cool band), angelo, etc. probably over 10 yrs ago. then again during the beatsongs sessions in LA. ANYWAY--just happened upon your page and was happy to see that the you are still at it and still miffed at the music industry for not recognizing that you're among the best songwriters of the past 20 years.

i still stay in touch with lix, we've managed to stay connected--esp. now that he's all wired up and everything (not to mention the obvious good new gig!).

was wondering if you were gonna be in the USA anytime soon--or scandinavia in oct/nov. i'm working on a 2nd solo record---on a pretty good indie label here in the states tho they're mainly dedicated to power-pop..i'm their lone singer-songwriter (oh--dave newton played on the record and co-produced one of the tracks---we also keep up). you can check the site, but they haven't up-dated it since the record came out a year or so ago! ANYWAY-- i'm doin a couple co-writes --you know....via mail, net. would love to have you involved if you're at all interested. would be happy to send you some Mp3, whatever. the last record sold pretty well and the next oughta do better--the label's growing..... lemme know. you can drop a note at mark[at] ..of course, if you aren't interested, i'll just steal summat offa one of your existing tunes....maybe 'still in the kitchen!" anyway, now i lnow where you are, i'll check the gigs section. no worries, won't bug you again if i don't hear back---best quick descript of the record:

all best, mark

Canadian dates
scott_cursley... - Winnipeg, Manitoba - 9Sep2002 11:01 AM
When is the JBC coming back to Canada?? It has been awhile since you were here. Of the four times I have seen you play, all have been well recieved. And I know others wish to see a truely energetic and entertaining show again in this day of SAMPLES and noise.

Butcher on east coast
you... - Butchfan - 27Aug2002 10:26 AM
Yeah, come on, let's get some JBC on the
east coast. Boston, DC, NYC. The fans here
would be psyched for it. I know several people
that would be THRILLED for a Jazz Butcher
show, especially with Max back. It would make
the year. I'm humming "She's on Drugs" and
"Human Jungle" in anticipation.

Make it happen! I'll be front and center with
many mates.

416-2o3-o762... - doromdo.xamada - 13Aug2002 7:17 PM

tour 2002
Ken Morgester... - New York City - 28Jul2002 10:04 AM
pat, new york is in need of an evening of live jb. really, please come. what a treat to have the band in twice over the last several years. please abide -- many (many) would be grateful.

Please come back to the US
nosferatu62... - pittsburgh, PA - 25Jul2002 5:40 PM
I would love to see the crew return to the US. The last time you were in Pittsburgh, we hd a lot of fun. Come back again, and you will have a good time once again, despite the fact that ths town is more like ArmPittsburgh. I am sure you would remember me too, Mr. Butch...Sitting upon the Coca-Cola phone booth and drinking some Iron City. Despite the act that I was blasted on benzo and passed out for most of the show, I had a damn good time...hope u and the crew did too, and your return is anxiously anticipated...