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andyzed1... - NN1 - 5May2002 12:19 PM
After a wee bit of umming and ahhing about whether to attend this particular gig (well, it was a school night and the venue was somewhere within the arctic circle), the car was loaded with coke and crisps, compasses readied and the adventure began...

We decided to take a brief detour through Leeds city centre (ok, we were lost!), but as luck would have it, found ourselves on the right road as though guided by some divine hand (Eider - right).

By this time I had a hankering for the traditional northern food of chips and gravy, so the only disappointment of the whole evening was when I had to settle for un-gravied chips from the nearby kebab shop (top chips nonetheless!)

On entering the pub, we began to wonder if there might be another Packhorse on the same road as this one was barely large enough to allow adequate cueing room around it's pool table, let alone host an music event of such magnitude.
Upon spotting a poster on the wall of the stairs, we ascended to the first floor of the tardis where we were transported back in time to mad uncle Trevor's living room, Christmas 1985, except rather than have to listen to the latest Perry Como re-issues, we were treated to a performance of rare warmth and intimacy.

The family gathering atmos was even more noticeable when Richard Formby turned up with a coachload from the Moors.

New stuff (something about Sweet Home Alabama), old stuff (Girls Who Keep Goldfish), different stuff (Whaddya?, La Mer) was all played with conspiratorial joy. Quite what run-in has occurred in the past between Pat and Celine Dion, however, to cause such an outrageous outburst should probably remain a secret (was it the Titanic or the Vegas gigs that she pipped you to????), suffice to say Anglo-Canadian relations are now being repaired behind closed doors as I type.

With the local coachload fairly baying for an encore of D.R.I.N.K. (was it the song or the beer they were after?), Pat and Max, being the consumate entertainers, obliged their gracious hosts to round the evening off perfectly.

Thinking of the night in hindsight still raises a smile.

Vive le difference !

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