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Thanks for playing Bielefeld
aott15767... - Andreas Ott, Bielefeld, 51st State Of America - 18Jun2002 12:16 PM
Thanks fpr a nice saturday evening. I was surprised and excited when I read that the Conspiracy will play my hometown.
We were early - too early as the Conspiracy was late. Met Pat and Max at the bar and was impressed that Pat remembered every single gig in our neck of the woods even gigs like
Landesbergen beginning of the 90´s with a record store gig before that at Shitty Records in Minden
( Pat actually it was Neckermanns Musikwelt but Shitty Records suits better )

It was a shame that there were only about 30 people in the Elfenbein but that doesnt stopped the guys to play 3 encores . It was a 105 min gig
and I think everyone of the 30 people showing up enjoyed it a lot .

Setlist for those whe are interested :

Soul Happy Hour

Who Loves You Now ?

The Human Jungle




I Hate Love


Go-Go Gorilla / Caroline Wheeler´s Birthday Present

She´s On Drugs


What´s The Matter, Boy ?

Mr. Odd

Sister Death


Bigfoot Motel

She´s A Yo- Yo



Take The Skinheads Bowling


Sweet Jane



As I said I had a lot of fun and I´m looking forward to next Saturday in Hamburg.
I worried about Max cause when he went on / offstage his moves looked like he had bad back problems ?

Sorry for my bad english but wanted to share my evening.


PS : David , cant find an email adress but if you want a scan of my autographed ticket for this site let me know and I mail it

Thanks for coming
Michael.Forster... - Wuppertal, Germany - 16Jun2002 6:12 AM
It was about ten years ago that we had our last opportunity to visit a JBC concert. Therfor we drove the long way down from Wuppertal to Bielefeld to spend our Saturday night together with these "old idiots".

And we really enjoyed ourselves...

The band played a nice set of old songs (my favourite one was "Sister Death") and two songs from the new album ("Niagra" and "I hate love").

Although the audience was not as crowded as expected it seems that even the band had some kind of fun.

We hope you will come back soon...

Meanwhile we pay attention to the world cup final.
Everyone should keep in mind that football is a game where 22 people are running around and at the end Germany is winning...

Rosi + Michael

Do you want a gig in Bielefeld?
Fresemann... - Bielefeld-Hamburg - 11Jun2002 5:04 AM
I´m looking forward to Saturday!!!
See You

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