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Happy New Year!
andyzed1... - N'pton - 25Jan2002 1:04 PM
It's happening again.

For some reason, we're being treated to another full-on Butcher Band experience and so soon after the previous tour. I assume this is some late, but nonetheless, much appreciated Christmas present to the otherwise musically starved minions of NN1.

Coming at the end of the first week back at work, has made that week almost bearable. I had enough time to dash home, burn my mouth on a nuclear pizza, meet up with a pal from the wilds of Corby (where Angels fear to tread) (surely Corby can't be the reason you don't play Angels aka "that Deacon Blue crap", anymore?!?!?), and head to the pulsing heart of Northampton's musical endeavours.

Getting there slightly late meant that Curtis had started his set already. The new stuff sounded great. Did I hear mention of another cd? Also... happy birthday for the Sunday.

Then the moment we've waited until 2002 for.... the dry ice starts, the laser show kicks into life, the 30 foot video bank assaults our visual senses..... no, hang on a mo, that was a U2 concert that I never went to at Wembley Stadium, this is the backroom of the Racehorse, I remember.
No need for frills here. The sound quality is excellent and everyone who chose to stay at home from Blackthorn to Far Cotton has missed out yet again.
From the opening thunder clap of Mr Odd to the old family favourite Zombie Love, every tune sounded crisp and full of life. This is how Come Friendly Spaceman should always have sounded, you can see the track listing for yourself, suffice to say, each and every one a minor classic, played with enough feeling and skill to last me another year. But guess what..... we only have to wait 24 hours! Once more on to the Garage dear friend, once more.......

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