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andyzed1... - Northampton - 14Aug2001 12:54 PM
After the low key warm-up gig on Saturday night, followed the disappointingly low key home-town gig. I guess some people don't know what's good for them.
Saab 77 tried to induce us to the dancefloor, but ended up with a bizarre Indian file of friends and family instead. Their Ride-esque guitar work was pleasing enough, but please drop the "monkey song" lads.
Curtis must have been busy this night as he turned up late and without his axe, so we were treated to an electric (literally) set courtesy of Pat's geeeetar.
The sound quality was better than Rugby as was the venue (my first visit), but the quality of the JBCs performance was equally stunning. Diamorphine blew my socks off.... the Old-Sumo re-union for Come Friendly Spaceman brought back memories of New Years eves spent in the back room of The Racehorse.... Forever was a little gem, giving that same feeling you get as when you pull on a pair of jeans and find a fiver you never knew you had....
The crowd must have dispersed into the NN1 darkness with ears-a-rining and hearts-a-singing.
Charles Bradlaugh

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