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you... - 25Sep2002 5:32 AM
ive seen the jazz buther conspiracy thrice.first introduced to the sounds in vancouver canada at the commodore was the cult of the basement tour. i hadnt heard of them before, and a friend insisted we go see them that night.well i agreed ,then we dropped was very fun and i met people there that i had forgotten about,but should have known that they would be at a show of this that was cool cause i diddnt know that people were so into this style of music,so refreshing to here a sort of accomplished ,rock and rolly english chops that paid homage to classic feels as well as refining some original ideas without being boring or too serious.i dont remember too many other scenes that night,but the next day i had a new favourite band.i told all my friends these guys are neat and that they deserve a little stardom and money from all this ,if in fact they even shes on drugs ,i thought that was a good radio pop tune.anyway who cares about that .i also saw the condition blue show ,also at the commodore.totally different ,different crowd.too many college types that wanted to here shes on drugs and talked during the slow stuff.nuff said ,i could tell it was not pats most enjoyable fact my ggirlfriend and i left,embarrassed of where i come from,too many wannabes and this halfassed smugness that has no real in a conservative canadian city.yhe kind of place artists walk off stage in disgust.oh well. the i saw the jbc back in effect in seattle.the crocodile or something ,i think peter bucks got something to to with the venue wow so that was just as entertaining as the first jbc experience,only more mature,just as cocky and unintentionally witty with a sobering reminder of a veteran ice hockey player.he has scored some goals been a solid up and down winger ,now really doesnt have anything to prove and was playing for the love of the game and the respect he has for it.still the last man off the marcel dionne one of the best and least talked about.never won the stanley cup ,but it doesnt matter when you see him with that old purple and gold jersey flying down the ice full steam ahead ,the kind of guy who wouldnt take offers from other teams cause he was loyal to his line mates a leader in the dressing room,captain of the team even if some of his teamates might actually be equally talented they admired his honesty and sort of honour amoung theives integrity.they dont make em like marcel dionne anymore and they dont make em like pat and max and all the other members of the jbc the way i met pat and max back stage after the show ,sorry if my friends and i were being goofy we were just young and didnt bring any pot with us cause one of my friend is a mormon and closet drug abuser ,and he brought his super sraight american wife to the show ,but it was ok i got drunk on cheap watery beer and we managed to bum a couple of pulls off of some sweet jane off mr. fish thanks man it was a nice way to end the evening and prepare for the ride home ,where i would be certain to endure stories of how we should try and book the jbc for a private gig in vancouver ,i just said it would be cool if i ever got married ,that i would ask them to play my wedding.but i doulbt that would get them out of bed on a sunday morning.even if i had the right beer and necessary party favors that would be expected at such an the way i have really enjoyed the latest songs maximillian eider has written recently, some good honest emotion ,content and slick manouvers on the sixed stringed super invention.a nice mix .pat and max seem to share an understanding,like highschool pals who sat at the back of the class laughing and nobody knew why. good to hear some of the old stuff again, i just pulled out distressed gentle folk ,got it for a dollar cause i fucked up my last copy.still love waiting for the love bus and of course bloody nonsense.actually i almost got to play music with one of the many conspirators a one dooj a bass player. my friend went to the u.k. years ago and met dooj in a pub next thing you know i get a letter from my buddy sayin hes playin david bowie and velvet underground covers in some local dive,and tells me to come over there.well i love the thin white duke and lou and everything but i was held back by thi girl who i spent all my money on.see i was sort of retired at a young age,like in my 20s.the she came aloung .up until then i was in a basement suite with some highschool mates playing keyboards in betwween women alot of coffee ,trying to score another lid of reefer.and i was snowboarding everyday but i dont live in idaho and i dont wear surfgear.i havent bought new clothes for a long time and it shows.i dont really like buying used clothes but what else is there? a fubu hoody? maybe some tan cargo pants? a pair of glow in the dark skechers that comes with a keychain that i cant wait to hang from my rear view mirror right next to my hello kitty airfreshner in my acura integra gs with a loud muffler that sounds like a beehive on crystal? with my special momo steering wheel talkin about ground effects and danny choos amg mercededes? no not me im just a half japanese half irish lad who is tryin to keep his dick hard in a cruel cold world .i need a new chic ,this sucks 8 yrs with that crazy ,sexy naive feisty german girl.but were still friends... my father once told me to marry this hot swiss girl i went around with for about 5yrs or so.he wwas a wise man she had the best body i ever encountered,but she was kinda boring,yet still down for the party.shes a physiotherapist living in tahoe.she was the best female i ever skied with.this is when skiing was not thought of as a 70s bond movie .she had really good form and would pop 360s off of the slightest mogul etc.quite sexy .my father also told me not to ever marry a german girl.i always wondered why until i found out my step mom was german.they eventually divorced was his 2nd real mom and him got divorced when i was three cause he got caught shaggin this other bird.evelyn i dont think i spelled her name right but she was cool.i like that name for a dad has a new wife and new kids ,they all live in seattle he looks good for his age.i still wouldnt ever want to throw hands with old pops.he is still tough ,like early 60s tough,the kind of japanese kid who has a white girlfriend ,creepers a dad who started the martial arts center in my home town and leaves a legacy that my uncles still talk about when we get together for an evening of mary jane ,beer in brown bottles and the worst acoustic guitar i can imagine.classic.the kind of guy who writes in his highschool annual under probable destiny,to buy a green kawasaki and join the hells angels.i dont even want to know if he ever realized his aspiration ,but i remember being on a green 350cc kawasaki going to kung -fu movies in chinatown and sparring with him in the back yard with full headgear.about this time he was delving into the inner morays of wu-shu style kung -fu.too flashy.anyway now im a lover not a fighter though i still enjoy the sweet science when displayed by consenting professionals ever since sugar ray leonard and roberto duran.t.v. rolemodels for an only child with no father ,growing up in the 70s slleeping in the cave supper club where my mom was the head waitress for years,good times,met alot of characters.thats where i started to listen to music and was exposed to all sorts of entertainment one minute ray charles next some foul mouthed loverboy mom dated this drummer from hawaii named masa he was genuine and he had mangos in his yard in maui.he played in this band called s.o.s. society of seven akind of more cutting edge response to the don ho phenomema that never really captured my heart.but s.o.s did ,they were fun and they played original stuff as well a popular covers ,even tiny bubbles! they also juggled fire and stuff before every street performer in venice beach even knew which end to light.yeah those were good times,crazy parties i should never been exposed to.big ugly mansions with moldy pools ,with no lady of the house around,hot tubs with cheryl ladd lookalikes with blondie or rod stewart playing through homemade speakers while i watched unaffected while they partook in peruvian flake cocaine.better than the baby sitters,until later when this 13yr old fully developed blond moved in,cause she was the daghter of one of my mothers friends from the bank,where she worked in the daytime.anyways she was aproblem child,alwys listening to heavy metal music until she discovered cheap trick,and schooled me on what was now cool,new wave she called it and no one was listening to ac/dc or deep purple or yes or ted nugent or black sabbath anymore not even asia!now it was the cars.i didnt buy it, istuck with my faves which turned into an interest in punk rock i listened to local acts like d.o.a. and the subhumans,then i found abuzzcocks record and then i kinda started to listen to the split ends and marvin gaye ,to michael jackson ,back to iron maiden ,def leppard judas priest back to al green ,otis redding solomon burke, lou rawls the manhattans temptations ,miracles,george benson yes it came right back to the roots growin up listening to soul music with mom tellin me stories of stevie wonder concerts and gigs in hawaii with marvin gaye singing distant lover till the sun went down.i still like those groups.i still like the velvet underground ,roxy music ,bowie radiohead,coldplay,blur,stoneroses,are all o.k. but they lack something for me,something a band like oasis doesnt satiate.all my friends are into electronic varieties of music ,which i do like some of,but its been along time since i bought a tangerine dream album or the latest vince clark rather hear the human league one more time.its been so long since i paid money for a album i just couldnt live without,for that matter i havent paid to see a show all year,no thats alie,i saw prince recently,i paid 160 dollars i couldnt beleieve it. the first show i ever seen was michael jackson and the jackson five,that was the first time i ever paid money to watch an was 60 dollars in 1982.both shows were fun and fulfilled my expectations but as my e.i. benefits just ran out recently , idont think i will be going out if it requires any thing more than me showing up with a respectable glow and enough quarters i stole from my grandparents newspaper money jar,just in case i meet a chic who doesnt buy her own drinks,and we all know as i qoute,its good to drink for free when you havent any money.,by the way i have never had a cold bath with someone i dislike so i cant comment,the worst bathing experience was when i was in hawaii with my cousin jimmy when i was 9 yrs was uncomfortable cause we would usually just sit and play with lego and talk about farrah fawcet and video games and street hockey.last time i played sreet hockey was not long ago when a bunch of almost hockey playin pals and i got together for a few pints of canadian beer to watch our boys lay a good old fashioned whoopin to our neighbors down south,it was heaven ,then we played till it got too personal and too dark to see the ball .yep oh i forgot to mention i eventually got regular action from my baby sitter and my mom wondered why i never complained when she had to go to work.nice one!butcher rocks so dont forget or else bad things will happen.there are still some devoted fans here in vancouver that still represent and will always believe in conspiracy theories

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