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Unbelievable !!! Great show
johnspence1967... - john spence baltimore, maryland usa - 23Jan2020 1:26 AM
I made it to that show, as did my recently deceased mom, may she rest in peace. First, I want to thank you for putting the picture of Max & I, and Pat & I on the site, and giving my mom credit for the photos.

For those who were there, they will remember the iguana on Owen's drum set. For those that missed it, well I feel sorry for you. My mother and I went to Philly, this one, then travelled up to New York. After Pat soloed his way through what he called "pussy music ( I like Girls who keep goldfish)" he brought the band on to "do a rock." A mixture of old classics and some of the new songs. I particularly liked Diamorphine. I remember Max was sick at the time, I hope he is ok now, well you are all ok. If I remember correctly (it's 2018) the show ended with Zombie Love.

I have turned many other people on to your music and they all approve. If the band gets to see this I want to thank them most sincerely for signing all of my extensive JBC vinyl and Cd's, putting up the photos, & maintaining touch. Owen sent me a tape of Shakespeare & the Bible, mom loved that.

I was recently homeless for a few years, not any more, but made my $ by busking with a melodica, then a casio keyboard. Since I played some of your older songs (college town and they drink a lot), do I owe you guys any royalties?

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