The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Photos from that night!
jennifer.l.huber... - Jennifer - Tampa FL - 10May2022 8:17 PM
I recently scanned in the photos I took of the show that night. I used a Dial 35 half-frame camera and I was always amazed at how well the photos turned out from this show.

Interesting to think of this now
clark.morgan... - Clark in the Park - 29May2016 4:25 PM
15 years after the fact, I still recall this as one of the 5 most enjoyable nights of my life. The only time to date, and probably ever, that I saw the boys live. It was also the beginning of an obsession with bowling shirts that continues unabated to this day. I have to have one on to properly enjoy Shakey.

Early Breakfast after the set
adecelles... - Andy San Diego - 29Jul2010 7:10 PM
Some how after the set I ended up having breakfast with the band, I was really smashed so I do not remember much, loved the show though, I also have a copy of the Tribute CD, that the Jung Generation made a contibution.

May Pat nick your guitar?
thejunggeneration... - the jung generation - 25Jan2006 7:29 PM
I remember the excitement knowing that we would be opening the show for longtime lounge heroes. Shortly into the set Pat broke a string and I remember his girlfriend asking me ever so quaintly, “..if pat could nick my guitar...” Well your damn straight he can. The Jazz Butcher playing my guitar? You’re bloody right. He played exquisitely and the show was well received. Got some great pictures to share too.

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