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Unbelievable !!! Great show
johnspence1967... - john spence baltimore, maryland usa - 10Feb2021 11:19 AM
Anyone that missed either of the New York shows with David J. should kick themselves. The original lineup after all those decades, and they sounded tight as can be. Pat told me that someone in Atlanta wanted them as their wedding band & paid for plane flight. I am eternally grateful for that happy couple, and the band for slogging their way up the east coast.

Whether it was fate, divine providence, or dumb luck I found the info on the internet the week before. My 60 year old mom made the suggestion of Philly. Then, Hell DC is only and hour & a half, then home with photos, swag, autographs, and soundboard music copies. That was when mom hit me with "Want to go to NYC for the finale?" And off we went. I think the band was truly surprised to see us. I'm shocked they remembered us. 2 Baltimorons, and AEUK took a shine to my mother.

The show was incredible, having the original members together. I heard of the JBC on the liner notes of a Bauhaus record as a Davd J. side project and I was hooked. The set list was the same, but the band played with incredible enthusiasm. I'm sure others, or I posted the setlist from an earlier show. They rocked, they rolled, & they even kazooed. An audience member played bass for Zombie Love at the end. I wish I could pop by the local pub and catch them every weekend.

Anyone reading this is doing themselves a disfavor by not seeking out the entire collection. Including Max's solo work, starting with "The Best Kisser in the World" Looking at the photo on the back, it's clear he had plenty of practice. And don't forget Owen's Shakespeare & the Bible. My mom kept that tape in her car the day we got it in the mail.

Lots of love to you all (Kathy too) and thanks for making this boy's dreams come true. The one band I thought I would never see.

If you get a chance to see them together or solo, you must go or I will fly across the Atlantic & use Niagara (Pat has/had water dripping in his closet) to waterboard you.

Seriously, mad love to all the band & friends. That show was the proper finale of a week of bliss.

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