The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Is anyone out there who remembers?
jedfamily... - Julia in Galway - 18Aug2006 2:51 AM
Is there anyone out there who witnessed the general madness of the Sweden/Norway/ Switzerland etc. etc. debacle - I was there for the whole thing and would love to hear from anyone - especially members of the band who remember the van breaking down and Phil staying with the van in the back of beyond in Sweden... and so on. I'm now living in the West of Ireland - nearly as remote as parts of Sweden! Julia

Gor blimey
theoaks2... - Benjamin Adams - 18Feb2006 2:59 PM
Bloody hell, this came out ten years ago? I still remember when we got the first shipment into the record store I managed in Seattle. Could barely keep in in stock, such were the hordes hungry for the Glass-era stuff on CD.

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