The Jazz Butcher Feedback

Fish n Chips
haystackhunter... - WGH, Vancouver - 5Dec2014 9:44 PM
visited London for the first time last November, and made sure to make a pilgrimage to Fishcotheque (the restaurant). Had a great meal there, and tried to recreate the album cover (the exact same metal barrier is in front), but we were looking the wrong way!!!

Living In A Village
plasticsoul2001... - Plasticsoul - Los Anhaleees - 16Jun2006 6:37 AM
Whenever you find yourself stuck in a blue funk I defy you to listen to Living In A Village and not crack a smile and tap one or more toes. Play it at Mom's funeral and see!

mark.batchelor... - London - 11Oct2004 12:30 PM
I remember buying this LP in 89 with a recent Bowie LP. Can't remember the Bowie one now.
Next move sideways is still one of my alltime fav's (now I sound like a Radio 1 DJ).

Get It Wrong
john... - Suisun City, CA - USA - 15Aug2002 4:02 PM
Get It Wrong is one of the finest love songs ever written

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