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fucking hell
mykle... - mykle -- portland - 3Sep2016 9:02 PM
A new Jazz Butcher record came out and I didn't hear about it for four years! I guess I live in a hole somewhere. The production is just sumptuous! So good! Well played, gentlepesons.

plasticsoul2001... - Wilson E. Wilson - 27Feb2015 2:34 AM
Goddamn brilliant...that's what I say

Last of the Gents...
edgar435... - CJ. Glasgow - 18Aug2014 4:05 AM
Picked this up at Max following my kids listening to my Marnie on my ancient SiB LP, best record I've bought in yearsall the best with et gigs coming up, too far for me to make it.

Thanks so much for the music
bruce.cummings... - BDC, Chicago and Beijing - 22Jul2014 6:47 PM
I actually picked up my own copy of this at the Tower Records in Fukuoka, Japan last year. They had a nice display for it which I have a picture of somewhere I think. Was quite excited to see it. Wonderful record. I could listen to the outro on "Shakey" for days. Thanks so much guys.

Also, a belated thanks to Mr. Darin Brock for having me credited on the CD.

Greatness of the Gentleman Adventurers!
darinb25... - Darin Brock - 7Dec2012 6:32 AM
My CD arrived yesterday and has been playing non-stop since. Good and great tunes all around. The title track really hits home lyrically for me. My 12-year old son is already singing along with Shame About You. Pat & Max - well done. Love it! Rank it among your best. I only wish I were a wealthy man who could fund output like this on a regular basis!

Great close to an otherwise drab year. Love you guys!

New Album
ellishome627... - Steve, California - 6Dec2012 11:19 PM
I was also too late to make a pledge. Did anyone pledge at the level to get both the CD and the accompanying demos? If so, how do the demos sound?

new rekkid
ray.koke... - ray koke --NOLA - 5Dec2012 5:43 PM
Nicely done, gents!

An extended tour is in order!



dougenglish... - DE in Arlington, VA - 4Dec2012 8:46 AM
Got the new CD yesterday. Masterful job all around. I like the new versions of All the Saints, Shame About You, Mercy, and Shakey, even though I love the Youtube/Northhamptom versions and may prefer a couple of those just because they're what I've become used to. Animals is one of your best. Thank you for making more music!

How can I get it now?
bassvi... - Pat Bowersock Springtown, PA USA - 28Nov2012 6:19 PM
I can't pledge on How can I get a CD or download? MUST HAVE!!!

new album
pbeno... - Patrick C. Beno Green Bay WI USA - 23Nov2012 3:40 PM
I would also like to know how to obtain the new album. I must have the physical object. A download simply will not do. Thanks for making new music.