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Bloody Nonsense
phorplae... - Todd - 8Jan2016 5:01 PM
Loved this album, needs to be on a CD...I still have a tape copy from the 80's. Don't know if I still have the vinyl...think I lent it to a college buddy back then...but I always taped them and listened to tapes...ahhh the days when a Walkman was HIGH Tech.

BN on CD
dougenglish... - DE, Arlington, VA - 4Jan2012 6:58 AM
Can always burn it onto CD from the fine vinyl, which is what I've done. Then transfer to the ol' iPod and somehow what kept you alive in 1986 is still mysteriously doing its important work in 2012.

No CD ,,, bloody nonsense if you ask me.
thomas.hazlett... - Tom, UK (ex-New Zealand) - 29Nov2011 2:21 PM
Another vote for a CD release of this great album which I listened to via a tape a mate recorded from his album in the late 80s early 90s, until it was stolen from my car ... BUGGER.

David J
aikea71... - Jennifer, Charlotte, NC, USA - 19Nov2011 8:08 AM
Hi. Dunno who actually reads this cyberbabble, but I thought I'd give the written word a try. I Met Mr. Pat Fish & Max Eider several moons ago in Chapel Hill, NC. (I arranged the sneaky surprise with David J before the show.) ANYHOOOOOOO, one question: can you PLEASE either release "Bloody Nonsense" or kill me now?! Just let me know which to expect. Thanks. x to the o

CD please!
jamintopjimmi... - Jimmi - Calif. USA - 11Jun2010 2:37 AM
I sat in my 79' Nova listening to this tape on my lunch break almost every day. The tape got eaten by my player. I loved this tape. For the love of all that is conspiratorial release it on CD!!!

CD Please
lordgrazer... - Lord Grazer Edmonton - 15Jan2010 8:28 AM
please release Bloody nonsense on CD, I have many of your albums on CD and it is a shame that this wonderful compilation hasnt joined them in my collection. I have a cassette version. Also anyone know where there are CD copies of A gift of Music parts I & II?

Blatant Need
meowsome!... - Susan - 20Nov2009 6:35 PM
Now that I have had various songs from this stuck in my head on and off for the last few months I really need you to release this on CD. Begging is not something I usually stoop to but this would be worth it. Please. Please. Pretty pretty pretty pretty please. One little CD release.

Bloody Nonsense CD needed
michaelbivens... - Michael, Indianapolis - 7May2009 9:21 AM
Ummm, yeah, we're going to need you to release Bloody Nonsense on CD, OK? Yeah... OK. Good talk, good talk.

PS: I understand the reasons for not releasing it on CD before (not the dumb ones, but the ones that used to make sense), but it's 2009 now. So... off you go.

I still Miss This
tom... - Tom, Wilts (NZ Import) - 13Sep2008 12:37 PM
My mate gave me a tape of this in the late 80s he recorded off his album. What a great set of tracks - it disappeared when my car was burgled mid-90s and I've never been the same since. CD ?

Oh! The Pain.....
grasscutter4... - Roger Winnipeg - 17Jun2008 7:52 PM
I had Bloody Nonsense on cassette.
Played it all summer (1986) long. Somehow it got away from me. Finally I decided to go on one last search through my stuff. I was on a mission! After an hour or so, I found a bag with a bunch of old tapes in it. And there it was...or so I thought.The case was empty!!!!!
Please release this on CD!