The Jazz Butcher Feedback

big planet
you... - 26Mar2005 11:12 AM
In 89, my roomate, who was a DJ at our college station and had a massive record collection, bought this album and introduced me to Pat's music. Incredible! Then, we saw him play a gig, even better! I have been a fan ever since. Though the album doesn't get much in the way of attention from ardent fans, it's strong. I got to meet Pat in 92' after a show and he autographed a poster for me - I gave it to my old roomy to returning the favor of introing me to the music.

do the bubonic plague.
thenothingboy!at,yahoo#dot*com... - Brick, NJ, USA - 6Mar2004 3:57 PM
i heard the jazz butcher back when big world scary world came out in 1989, a boyfriend of my sisters put do the bubonic plague on a mixtape for me. several thousand minutes later, i found aforementioned album on a rack of $1 cassette tapes in some mall record store. it was truly a jazz butcher conspiracy. weird things, the enjoyable kinda "i don't understand why more people do not listen to this" weird things. then again, most people watch Friends, listen to Billy Joel, and can't believe it's not butter.

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