The Jazz Butcher Feedback

The return of Max!
jjohnsonIII9567... - Bud S-Town - 22Apr2020 9:01 PM
Pat, I bought this album a while back and always loved how you would pin a funny thought about the songs and the moment they were made. I remember this one especially well. How sad you sounded that Max was not around maybe that's just how I interpreted it at the time. I came across this while looking for a Max-A-Million Eider reference about his journey into the 'Twilight Zone' and it brought me back to you. I thought about friends I have had the honor to know and what has happened to a few. I feel sometimes they float down different streams. Many usually if the connection is strong like yours with, take a look at Max find there way back. Others float for tooooo long and can't find there way home. Pat, your poetry and passion has saved so many friends from floating to far from home. Including the original 'Sex Engine' Max Mother-Hummin Eider.

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