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Lost songs from Blue Aeroplanes
gabi... - Gabi, Australia - 7Mar2006 2:23 AM
I have a one of a kind tape given to me by Max (Blue Aeroplanes)in 1995 (used to date the bugger)with songs (instrumental only) have only been recorded on this one tape. He gave it to me as a present with the words along the lines of "sell it for a fortune when I'm famous". Now I live in Australia and still not sure if I'm ready to share these songs with the world. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

BOP ART cd / Anyone have this cd /
you... - 23Oct2002 4:45 AM
hi, my name is TURGUT from Turkey. I m fan of Blue Aeroplanes but i dont have this cd. Anyone help me to have this cd?


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