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Tom Hall
Alastair Thomson... - Northampton (where else?) - 20Dec2005 3:16 PM
Tom Hall's memory lives in diverse and curious corners of Northampton. Between 1987 and 1997 I lived opposite him in Birchfield Road.

I would most often see him at our corner shop but also caught a few gigs he played at the County Tavern.

It was a time of different orbits. Tom was being Tom, I was making my way in a career where collars and ties were expected - so we never got much beyond passing the time of day, given Tom's flamboyant attire. I was some young straight. In the way of English blokes, me saying "I've got a copy of your Vanlag album, would you sign it?" would have sounded toadying to both of us (and to Diane) had I said what I'd have liked to say - but I did have that album! Original issue too.

When he issued "Watering the spirits" I bought it in Spinadisc immediately.

Although I never knew Tom Hall as a friend, I can testify that he was a good neighbour and a bloke who enriched my first ten years living in Northampton.

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