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Time passes
phillipnikola... - Phillip Arizona - 15Oct2021 12:19 AM
I only found this touching post about Tom Hall because I was just introduced to him in Alan Moore's Jerusalem. And from reading this I've learned that they worked together on something called 'Madam October' which Im excited to look more into.

Also, the author is now older than Tom Hall than he was on the day he was invited to share a brandy with him.

Well, I hope youre enjoying your time at Jolly Smokers, Tom.

Tom Hall
nicholsdanny97... - Danny Nichols - 31Oct2019 5:10 PM
I never had the privilege if meeting Mr Hall but he sounds great, one of the last few interesting people that are left. There's not many of those anymore, what a shame he went so young..

Tom Hall
stevenloach137... - steve - 5Aug2015 5:42 AM
Just picked up a copy of Watering The Spirits CD from Oxfam in Market Harborough. Was a fan of CRSB and looking forward to hearing this.

Mharrisonsmith... - Martin, leeds - 28Feb2015 7:35 AM
Thanks for that. I had a copy of Dan, half dan, I pinched off me sister. Wish I till had it!

Tribute CD
cobblers2idie2006... - Leighton, Northampton - 1Feb2011 12:14 PM
Later this year will be releasing another cd from grass roots records this one will be a Tom Hall tribute cd called Now That's What We Call Tom Hall.

To keep upto date with the release date and the launch party please come join the facebook page for Tom:!/pages/Tom-Hall-Musican-Northampton-Legend/127924690606718

Thank you.

Ratliffe's celebrtated stout
alaric.neville... - Alaric Neville - 18Jan2010 3:36 AM
I have the honour to be the hand behind the revival of what I can only assume, was once one of Tom's favourite tipples, namely Ratliffe's Celebrated Stout, along with its parent company Phipps NBC. Our goal for the revival of these legendary Northamptonshire beers has been to restore a dash of indigenous, historical colour to our region's pubs and bars, something Tom's music provided in abundance during his life. As a Northamptonshire patriot and folk fan I've long been an admirer of his work. Although I never met Tom in person I would like to think he would be amused and interested in our project which is a labour of love rather than a commercial venture, Cheers Alaric Neville, Phipps NBC

Tom's Website
na... - Will, Cambridge - 4May2006 7:51 AM
I have managed to get it up and running again but I am in the process of re making it which will probably take about 1 month. Its now on

Leighton... - Northampton - 28Oct2005 7:55 AM
Any new updates please?

Tom Hall
ron bryan... - newcastle upon tyne - 20Oct2005 11:58 AM
just revisited Tom Hall,s tribute page and been touched by neil spencers eulogy.

Diane,if you get to read this,i hope all is well.

All Love to Tom's memory

From Ohio
Doug... - Newark, DE - 8Sep2005 12:28 AM
Ten years ago, Tom Hall and Guy Fletcher played on two
occasions at my high school in Barnesville, Ohio. Tom Hall's
rough, powerful voice still exists vividly in my mind; the concerts
were so great and left such an impression on me. Remembering
that voice today with particular clarity led me to this sad news of
Tom Hall's passing, now almost two years after the fact. Though
I'm grieving as type this, I'm also glad to have experienced his