The Jazz Butcher Feedback

David J
potterju... - Julie Potter NC - 7Mar2008 11:11 AM
What a wonderful blessing he is to this world! He colored my imagination from the time I was 15. (A long time ago..)

Sell? Auctions?
nowinsea... - Andrew in Seattle - 18Jul2007 8:52 PM
I'll donate for the auction if that'll help get a new album out! Then again, I didn't look at the date stamp on that comment, so this may be too little, too late.

In any case, next time in Seattle - I own a bar called Liberty, gents, and the pints are on me.

Wait.......y'er all legends for your capacity.....


Mr J's E-bay auctions Nov 2002
colingreen45... - Derby, England - 23Nov2002 3:17 AM
If you're quick! Check out Mr J's E-bay auctions .... he appears to be raising funds, hopefully for a new album release?

Mr. David J Haskins!
Joel R.... - NC - 8Nov2002 11:40 AM
What a talented musician... not to mention a nice guy!

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