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So long to a great
1phelps1... - Charlie, Minnesota - 10Sep2022 12:39 PM
Just got the memo. Ugh. Miss you and your creativity. RIP

Bye bye Patrick
Info... - Dick Tater - 17Dec2021 5:38 AM
So many hours spent listening to one of music’s geniuses. RIP brother you left your mark on the world and that’s all anyone can ask. In 5 billion years when earth blows up they’ll have no record of you. But until then mdy your legacy carry on!

What if there were Angels
a.jasse... - Arne, Hamburg - 9Oct2021 2:10 PM
Goodbye Pat.
There are no words...
Have fun, wherever you are...
The Puries

To you
gnoman... - Dave in San Diego - 7Oct2021 4:45 AM

Your music and humor truly impacted me at key
points in life. May you rest in peace. The
news/concept of your passing is a blow to the head
and heart. Like standing up quickly in an attic
and unexpectedly hitting my head on a beam. It
hurts. You made the world, my personal inner
world, a richer place through your inventions.
Thank you.

pag1993... - PA Boston, MA - 10Aug2020 6:06 PM
Dear Patrick -
Thank you for all the great music over the years.
Hope you have the opportunity to put together another collection of new material. Really enjoyed Last of the Gentleman Adventurers.
Thank you.

christopher.m.keen... - Chris Hamilton, Ontario - 1May2019 10:38 AM
I can't get over there. Can you get over here? It's been a long time waiting since you played the Phoenix in Toronto with Blue Aeroplanes opening. Please come back! I've got other things to get to. Toronto or Hamilton, Ontario

a.m. available
salgarza... - sal - 27Feb2018 8:22 PM
'xican 'merrikkan looking for wotrk

Like a tributary, pale imitators
Ericrhake... - Salisbury, nc - 20Dec2017 7:46 PM
Have loved the butcher since introduced 30 plus years ago in Knoxville tn. So glad to see that stream flow back to the river. Thanks Scott Carpenter for showing me the way to Pat Fish.

Ear to the ground
mivvers... - Maureen, Cork - 10Oct2017 10:28 AM
Pat, first of all, thank you for this webpage, I feel like I'm back in time. Which is kind of how I've been feeling for the past couple of days, because the line "what makes your heart sing" surfaced out of nowhere the other day and I had to google it to find out that it was The Jazz Butcher. I put on the album and realized immediately that it was a long-forgotten favourite album that I have somehow not listened to since around 1989. I was actually screaming with excitement and I've been having an incredible time signing and dancing along. And then I come here and find out you've got Wasted Years coming out next week! Legend! Any plans to come to Ireland?

A patronizing letter
rossisalways... - Ross Smith Vancouver - 26Jul2016 7:31 PM
The JAZZ BUTCHER. I absolutely love this band. I put a Jazz Butcher conspiracy album (yes vinyl) a least once a month on my pricey stereo, and have been doing so since 1987. This is what music is supposed to be. I prefer this band over Pink Floyd.
I remember just missing out to see them live and the next day an ex girlfriend of mine phones me, says she got to see the gig and then partied (Victoria B.C.) with the band. She said these Brits were brilliant to talk to. She also said they got sick and tired of her boyfriend and kicked him out.
The originality of this band and the awesome lyrics I have always enjoyed for almost 30 years, and never get tired of it. I'm so glad the albums were recorded and mixed well. When put Distressed gentle folk on the turntable and hear that guitar open up on "Falling in love" I get goosebumps. It's my natural air conditioning on a hot day.
Cheers to the band who stamped the musical soundtrack to my 80's life.