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JBC origins
Was the first line-up formed partly from previous members of a band called Sonic Tonix? If so, which ones? And did Sonic Tonix ever make any records?

Someone let me know, please?


memories, sweet memories
timkingdon... - Northampton, UK - 11Aug2000 7:12 AM
Played "Scandal in Bohemia" for 1st time this century last night...bringing back lovely memories of Northampton in the early 80's ! Specifically remember a gig at Lings with "Another Time" (teenage crush on lead singer) and the angst ridden times at the Derngate / Northampton Musicians Collective.

rotten soul - santa barbaraUSofA - 26Aug2000 6:09 PM
david here.
just got my mitts on the latest from our old friends pat and max.
fantastic to have something new with which to sustain the legend and snicker at the uninitiated.
stylistically,rotten soul seems something of a throw-back to earlier,less complicated,less produced times.
while i enthusiastically appreciate the warm coat of fur condition blue and waiting for the bus of love caused to sprout on the inside of my cranium,i whole-heartedly approve of this stripped-down offering.
at this moment,iam listening to it for the second time.while my ear tells me my it will require a few more spins to catch this more subtly nuanced discs afflictions,i can certainly endorse the creature at face value.
leads me to the cautious hope of a live west coast appearance at some sustin the legend.and snicker at the uninitiated.
contact me (david) at daunedowell[at]

rare Butcher pics
you(at) - Mick Mercer (UK) - 27Aug2000 5:38 AM
I am amazed he still has his liberty, but that's the spirit of the man, and his cohorts.

If any desperate Butcher fans want to buy a CD of photos, I have two posed sessions that my girlfriend did and gave me the rights to. 35 shots show Butcher posed solo (83/84?) which were used with my interview in Melody Maker, including the ice-cream shot, and there are 61 of the Jazz Butcher band (inc. Max Eider and David J) from 1984 (?) for another interview, which might have been Melody Maker, or ZigZag. In this session (and it was quite a session), a tired and emotional Butch saves the Earth from decimation as the Alien Fleet put their invasion plans on hold, having observed strange activity happening beneath them in EC1. (Fleet Commander: "You are fucking joking, right? Disperse, disperse!!!)


The sets together cost £12.50 to anyone in the UK, and can be cash, cheque (made payable to Mick Mercer) or uncrossed postal orders. To anyone outside the Uk it's cash only I'm afraid, as I 'bank' with the Abbey National and if you even mention International Money Orders of Eurocheques to them a fracas swiftly ensues. So if anyone outside the Uk wants the CD with both sets on it's a crisp twenty dollar bill missus and no questions asked.

Price includes all P&P and there's a case, covers and CD label. There's also six hundred free scans included of pics of other bands.

If you want it then the address to write to is Mick Mercer, 76A East Street, Selsey, West Sussex, PO20 0BS, ENGLAND.

And if the owner of this site wants to put up a few pics as examples, then a quick e-mail to mercerm[at] will achieve a happy result for all.

Cheers then!


you(at) - Atlanta GA USA - 25Sep2000 8:12 AM
This is the only alternative to alternative bands.

Unconditional (Condition Blue/Greatest hits promo)
rich.panteluk... - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 11Oct2000 4:18 PM
I recently found a second copy of this rare promo item. It is a Canadian promo that clocks in at over 78 minutes long! Cool artwork and liners/song stories by the Butcher himself. If anybody wants to trade for this item let me know.
You can read more about it in the discography on this site.



ozmosis2sb... - London - 30Oct2000 7:12 AM
Excellent!! This is definitely a classic
in the making. Well done boys! And whoever
the girls are who often inspire the boys -
good on ya!

Love and peace, SB

you(at) - Peoria Heights, Illinois - 7Nov2000 9:55 AM
I can't begin to tell you how it all began. I was visiting my girlfriend, Alexia Sabor, in Chicago ... it was 1986, and I saw a flier glued to a telephone pole.
"The Jazz Butcher," I laughed at the name. I new nothing about them... nothing.
A few weeks later, I had driven to Chi-town again to see Alexia. We had nothing to do, and she said that band I kept mentioning was playing that very night.
It was at the Metro. We watched from the balcony ... and I was hooked. Shortly after I bought my first LP, Scandel in Bohemia... many more followed.
By '88 I had moved to Chicago, but there was no more Alexia... she had dumped me and married the guy she left me for. But, on the positive side, I caught JBC at the Cubby Bear! Another spur of the moment event. My roommate and I were shopping for BIG BLACK records when we saw a sign that TJBC was playing down the street... the show had started. We ran as fast as we could, and didn't miss a JB song! God must have wanted me to be a Jazz Butcher fan... because the coincidences are too hard to phantom!
Because I drank too much and took too many drugs... and failed to get a suitable job... I managed to get kicked out of 2 apartments, I quit school and move back to Peoria.
But all was not lost. I turned my friend Torry on to TJBC and we spent the next 5 years drinking, getting drunk, watching his gold fish, toasting, listening to and singing Jazz Butcher tunes.
"I don't wait 'til I'm sober, 'til I get drunk again," "I just want to drink 'til I can't see..." etc... "I've got a mind like a playground..."
Oh, these were the anthems of a 20 year old boy!
We relished in the rights of passage the Jazz Butcher initiated us through.
I'm pushing 35 now, but I still dig out those old vinyl (glasss)LP's and think about all those wonderful memories... too many to tell you about.
But I will tell, they sure do make me smile.

God Bless, the Jazz Butcher!

Bets birthday present ever
you(at) - Near winnipeg - 25Nov2000 9:53 PM
OK NOv 3 1990 Winnipeg Manitoba
Had just enough money for my ticket and drinks..not for my way home. MOst amazing show! INcluded I believe some dude by the name of vladmir?I acually found $20 on the floor I spent it on beer for the walk home not a cab(-20 C weather)
I must admit that the JBC has been and will always be the best shows I have seen. They alwasy managed to hit winnipeg close to my birthday.
I believe that ther should be a song called Woody's Birthday Present!!
come back to the peg JBC

JBC Live MP3's
echodek5_... - Rico - 12Dec2000 3:46 PM
I have live JBC mp3's at:

Recordings from:cabaret metro, chicago,7-86|the roxy,hollywood,11-23-90|kcrw studio,circa 1990|jc dobbs,philadelphia,4-25-92|lounge ax,chicago,5-15-92|tower records,chicago,5-16-92|

Creation Link
andyhart... - London, England - 18Jan2001 11:15 AM
I've got a link to this site from my site, since it's the definitive JBC site on the web

Please make them come back to the US...
you... - 24Apr2001 3:19 PM
and play the Somerville Theater! Please!!!

Sunday nights gig at the Troub
cheeso65... - Cheeso, Los Angeles, CA - 9Jul2001 11:41 AM
One of the best JBC gigs I've been to, and I've seen all their LA shows. Very heavy on the Max Eider-era material, thankfully. The show was almost two hours long, too. Who cares that it was a school night-I was in heaven!

The Troubaour gig.
dreitzel... - Huntington Beach, CA - 10Jul2001 6:55 PM
Great show. It was nice to see The Conspiracy out and about again. It was great being able to say hi to Pat before the show as well, although I never say as much as I'd like for fear of bugging him.

David J was the special "surprise" guest. He did a wonderful set that was a mixture of a couple Love and Rockets songs (a particularly amazing acoustic "The Dog-End of a Day Gone By" which has always been a favorite L+R song of mine) some classics off his many great solo recordings including a slight reworking of the wonderful "Crocodile Tears and the Velvet Cosh" (very nice David!) and some very good new material off a forthcoming release. Anyway, anyone wanting to see him, he's playing at the Troubadour again July 31st I believe. I am thinking about attending to see what else he has to offer. plus, I've always been a fan. Can you tell?

The Butcher was great as always. The show felt more like hanging out with friends while some particularly talented musicians were having some fun on stage. JBC fans for the most part are such a friendly bunch too. It's part of the fun of going to the shows really. Well, everyone except these two women that thought my voice was too high to be polite. Whatever that had to do with anything. Anyway, Pat knows so many people here in LA that you feel like you are at a private show, but one that you were invited to as well. In any case, the JBC has always had a great rapport with the audience and it's fantastic to get to experience it all again.

Highlights of the show for me were "Come Friendly Spacemen" (a Sumosonic song) which featured one Kevin Haskins wearing a space helmet and armed with a blaster shooting everyone in sight and a brilliant version of "Sister Death", which is one of my many favorite JBC songs.

The band was great too. Mr. Max Eider was in typically stunning form. Pat let the cat out of the bag that Max is recording a new album for us as well!

Also, The Butcher evidently played an acoustic show on July 3rd. Why wasn't that publicized? I sure wish I could have been there. I know of a bunch of people that would die for that.

Anyway, I sure hope the JBC comes back to LA soon.


Pat's July 3rd "gig"
cheeso65... - Cheeso, Los Angeles - 10Jul2001 10:20 PM
Pat didnt do an acoustic show on July 3rd, he did a Dj set at the Knitting Factory. Close enough I guess!

He did some accoustic show....
dreitzel... - Behind the Orange Curtain - 11Jul2001 11:00 AM
I heard it straight from Pat. He said that the show was Tuesday (I think), and that no-one was there and he played most of the show with his eyes closed so he didn't have to see it all. I know he was scheduled to do a DJ set as well, but I thought maybe that was an error. Anyone know when the acoustic set happened?

More importantly, how can we get Pat to do another that we can actually attend? Sure wish I could go to SF today. He and Max did many song acoustic last time I saw them up there and it was fantastic. I think an entire cd of acoustic renditions would be a beautiful thing.


Blame it on Pat! (or maybe Whittemore)
cheeso65... - Cheeso - 11Jul2001 12:00 PM
The show was announced in the gigs section of this very webpage, but the date listed was the 7th of July. DOH!!!

Oh yeah, the funny thing about the David J. set on Sunday was that he covered both Marilyn Manson and Madonna, in a folk-singer stylee.

In general
sadclownphil... - Minneapolis,MN USA - 15Jul2001 1:10 AM
Sometimes you seek joy, but sometimes it snaps onto you, like the mousetrap you forgot but stuck your toe in on moving day.

Too drunk to leave
espunk... - Geoffrey - 31Jul2001 12:01 AM
My name is Geoff. My brother, some friends,
and I saw you at the Knitting Factory show
here in Los Angeles. We were the surly
drunks who would not leave you and the band
alone. I almost don't know how we left or how I
got into bed. We also went to see you at the
Troubador and I had trouble making eye
contact with you, remembering what an ass I
was. Anyhow... Pat... best wishes to you and
the band.

You know, I do seem to remember some folks
at the Troubador who were doing some
interpretive dance or something and having a
very fun time for themselves. Maybe I wasn't
such an ass after all.

PS: The Gong Factor says "hi!"

4 go mad in Rugby
you... - 5Aug2001 2:15 PM
I'd heard of the JBC Charity, but was fortunate to benefit from it last night. I was one of the 60/70 lucky enough to actually find the Regency Club in Rugby. £2.50 for Curtis's set would have been a bargain, but throw in a fine performance from The Moths (?) (great drummer!) and a cracking set from the Butcher Band.... well, I feel we might have robbed you!
From the sedate opening chords of Partytime, through the speeded up Friendly Spaceman and on to the magnificent versions of Sweet Jane and Skinheads (with help from Curtis)... every second was a joy.
By the way, who rated Rotten Soul 3/10? Death to the heathens! And.... did you enjoy your pizza? Best gig since, ummm, must be the 12 Bar Club!!!
Charles Bradlaugh

What happened to the Leeds gig?
bruce.s... - Ilkley, Leeds - 6Aug2001 11:35 AM
Ummm, if Fred Durst can't get away with it why should you?! We were really looking forward to the scheduled Leeds gig - but it disappeared. Why? We - the Leeds JBCFC - demand to know!


Saturday in Rugby town.
john... - Johnny P - 7Aug2001 4:29 AM
I'm afraid punters in dear old Rugby town have never really understood the concept of paying over the £3 mark for a gig in the town, it's just one of those things. It's just lucky that Pat and the boys were just really up for the gig on a booze and food basis that I managed to pull the show together. A full room was what I was after and that's kinda what we got. Anyway, what can I say really I just loved the show. Curtis was as cracking as ever, local buddies The Moths were just fantastic in there own groovy garage punk way, and the JBC..... well I just smiled a lot! I thought the guys played superb, they were an absolute pleasure to deal with, and I think they drove back to Northampton pretty happy. Oh yeah and you should of heard Girlfriend in the soundcheck! Years of love you guys, Johnny P.....

MP3 of Max Eider singing “Hey Now Baby (My Arse Is On Fire)”
Rico... - Rico - 13Aug2001 10:01 PM
I don’t think Max intended this song to ever be heard. Well here it is at:


lyndaodonnell... - YourTown, glasgow - 18Nov2001 4:43 PM

A gig in Germany
NOFhicks... - Munich - 29Nov2001 8:28 AM
Hi Pat,
is there any chance to see the conspiracy in germany? I'm an big fan since 15 Years and have never seen you live.

George Harrison
neardrums... - Mikey - 4Dec2001 5:59 PM
Not asking for anything immediate. Not asking anything at all, really. Yet, I guess the subject demanded otherwise.

I can't help but feel that you felt a kinship with him, and intuitively shared an insight into music that most don't, and continue to don't understand. That and he was my favorite Beatle.
Quiet, until...


Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and Travel two-fer cd
richp20... - Rich E P - 24Dec2001 3:02 PM
Hello butcher fans!

I found an extra copy of the Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and travel two-fer cd. It has some surface scratches but play perfectly (I tried it on several machines) It took me ten years to find the first copy and I know how frustrating it was trying to find it the first time. If anybody has any tasty rare things or excellent quality live recordings I'd love to trade. I could be persuaded to sell it as well.



Moscow drug club??
ecl... - Oxford-esque - 25Feb2002 9:47 AM
Some years back, I saw the JBC play at Maxwells in the US, and they played a very funny song with a slavic flavour, called, I think, "Moscow Drug Club". Anyone know if this song ever found its way to the recording studio??

This site is sparking off flashbacks
I've come for the fish... - Oxford - 28Feb2002 9:23 AM
I used to love the JBC with a religious-like zeal while in school, but all those vinyl albums have been lost through a series of house and country moves. While i still have some stuff on CD, just looking through this site made me remember almost too much. I can remember the lyrics to "Poisoned by Food", for instance. How sick is that? It was 18 years ago! Then, just glancing at some of the pages, I finally learned what the lyrics of "Who loves you now" are. Now, how sick are they?!?! At least I managed to grow up without becoming too polluted by these glorious tunes. Will definitely be at the next JBC gig in London, whenever that is. And, if at all possible, please play "What's the matter, boy". I've selected it for my funeral, to be sung by the entire congregation.

Draining the Glass
Zuvok... - Holland - 17Jun2002 11:12 AM
Apparently Fire Records has reissued the criminally out of print compilation Draining the Glass. It has been rereleased on the Fire Records label as far as I can tell.

Just thought I'd let y'know before the ebay chumps take a bite out of your wallet.

draining the glass
jjhall... - Chi-town brewer - 19Jun2002 3:17 PM

Do you have a website for fire records? my attempts at searching for their site have been less than fruitful.

stays very good indeed
Fort Fairfield. Maine, USA... - frostingspoon - 26Jun2002 8:12 PM
I used to champion The JB, particularly Distressed Gentlefolk back when I programmed a Northern Maine college station. The "what the hell is this" response never failed to stun me. Surely, I thought, the genius of Domestic Animal, Buffalo Shame, Still In The Kitchen and Who Loves You Now was something to be beloved by millions. But somehow I was wrong. All these years later, I'm still wrong, and glad of it. Had such gems become multi-platinum best-sellers, t'would have been a sure sign The New Jerusalem had already descended and time would be no more. Though I've literally had no luck whatsoever finding anyone off-line who's heard of JB and I've never been able to locate DG on CD, the songs have stuck in my head for nearly fifteen years, taking up the space that otherwise would be filled up with Christina Aguilera or some such thing. For that I'm forever grateful.

A love connection...
bdcummings... - Dallas, Texas USA - 1Jul2002 10:38 AM

My apologies if this sounds like one of Kasey Kasem's long-distance dedication intros...

Several years ago I posted a message on this site. A friend of mine, with whom I'd lost touch after college, saw the email address and contacted me. We have both been JBC fans since high school.

Anyway, we renewed our friendship and subsequently I met the gal who is now my wife through him and his wife. We were married a little more than a year ago and "Whaddya" was one of the songs played during the festivities.

If it hadn't been for the JBC and this site we might never have met. Thanks, Pat, for all the great songs over the years.

Draining the Glass CD update
Holland... - Zuvok - 15Jul2002 1:14 PM
I found a copy at a local record store not from the Fire Records website. I jsut checked and it is available again from CDNOW and pretty sure it was on Amazon too.

Hope that helps!

Moscow Drug Club????
johntami... - Interlake - 17Jul2002 12:18 PM
My husband have been searching for this song and can no longer remember who did it. Someone please HELP!!!

the clash/jaguar commercial
juan234329... - west seneca USofA - 25Jul2002 6:52 PM
Sad news from the north american continent; there is currently a television commercial for Jaguar motor cars(cars of destiny!) running in the U.S. with a background soundtrack of "London Calling" by The Clash. Now that Joe Strummer's done it, maybe it's time for Pat to sellout. I'm sure liquor companies would line up for the chance to use "Partytime", and ya can't help but think that the folks at Carlsberg would love to use "Soul Happy Hour", to point out a couple of the obvious ones.

Southern California Tour Dates
you... - 2Aug2002 3:40 PM
The last time I had a sliver of a chance to see you in Southern Cal., I returned late from a trip to South America and missed your gig at The Trubador. When are you heading back to La La Land? Remember - you only have to make enough money for cervezas, muchachas and airfare.

Anybody have a copy of the Partytime video...
ted_borie... - DC - 12Aug2002 8:07 AM
...that was up on (Spin Magazine) that Pat and Max did live at their offices. I'm tring to learn Max's part and it would be helpful.

I might have things of interest to trade if anyone does.


Places you could play if you're feeling really nice - UK - 2Sep2002 11:57 AM
Sheffield area?
The Barfly might be about the right size, or The Fishpond in Matlock?

I can guarrantee an audience of 1. And can nearly promise an audience of 3. Thanks

Any future Chicago dates?
you... - v23envelope[at] - 14Oct2002 11:42 PM
Dear Pat,

Do you plan to ever hit grace Chicago with your presence? If so, please not let it be the Metro ( a huge headache to explain ).


Past It
burntwood... - London England - 15Oct2002 2:17 PM
Hello Pat, longtime no see. Hope all well with you as with us. Crusher.

Black Eg
indefinition... - Santa Ana, CA - 21Oct2002 7:05 PM
Does anyone know what's up with this project? I'd never heard of it until I saw it on the discography. Who played on it? What era is it like? Thanks, Kids!

squidexplosion... - Buffalo, NY - 28Oct2002 11:05 AM
Hmmm, I've heard about a possible 20th anniversary tour...

If this is true then you should come back to Buffalo, the local college radio station that I work for (WBNY) is having our 20th anniversary as well. We could do something fancy pants for the event.

Just a random thought.


amanda.l... - Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire - 15Dec2002 12:40 PM
Have to say that I didn't know this site existed.
I'm now very excited about it and telling


stuff for sale
gaylemichael... - michael, oswestry - 18Dec2002 12:16 PM
not sure if this is allowed, but, i have several early jazz butcher cd's (original issues)for sale, plus some of the later stuff. want them to go to a good home. e-mail me at gaylemichael[at]

we would like to see you again
larissadean... - Vancouver, Canada - 30Dec2002 8:20 PM
Hi, I hope the JBC will be playing again one day at the Commordore or elsewhere in Vancouver. I went to two of the concerts there. And I tried going to one while I was in England but I got stranded instead. Illuminate was so nice. I look forward to another concert one day.

Please Come to LA JBC
chedean777... - Covina, CA USA - 23Jan2003 12:49 PM
Hello JBC,
Do you have an idea when you guys are coming to Los Angeles in the near future? I'd really LOVE to see you guys play again, and I know I'm speaking for all LA fans as well! Personally, I know 20 friends out here just waiting for you to come to LA. Yes, I guess you would call this begging. Right you are! OH PLEASE COME SOON!!! Can we entice you with some brew?
Peace and Love to you always JBC!

jbconspiracy... - Boston - 28Jan2003 10:48 PM
Does anyone know what other bands Kizzy played with before joining the JBC?

long gone heroes
ollizaczyk... - erlangen, germany - 11Feb2003 4:51 PM
i allways thought you were gone for good, and you were never forgotten. now i read that you are still alive. thank god, some things last so long. that "hamburg"-album, i can nearly see through because i heared it so often, still is one of my top-ten records ever...thanx after so many years

emailing Pat Fish, how?
tom... - oxford, England - 11Mar2003 10:31 AM
Dear Pat, please could you email me or send me details of your email address. Maybe I'm missing something but I can't find it on the website.
Cheers,Tom, aeroplanes [at]-remove- butcher fan.-and citizen fish and cud....etc...

Share the love and sun
gnoman... - Southwestern Mark - 6Apr2003 6:16 PM
Come to San Diego. Say, the Belly Up in Solana Beach. Be rewarded and glorified by faithful fans. We're here. And nudge David J to join the set. He resides in the neighborhood, I hear. That's all I'm saying.

Daniel Fantasy
c-hip... - New York, USA - 13Apr2003 9:09 AM
Pat, can you contact me concerning Daniel Fantasy? I
have a full cassette of Daniel's work from 1990. The
lyrics you use in 'My Ultimate Fantasy' aren't on it. How
did you come into posession of that track? Do you have
any more? Please contact me - this is amazing.

dwiteca... - Winnipeg, Canada - 30Apr2003 6:26 PM
Hi Pat. I spoke to you years ago in Winnipeg when you played the Spectrum. I was doing an entertainment bit for local tv. I have been a big fan for, well I hate to say it... almost 2 decades! To the point, is the JBC coming back to the colony? Canada needs a visit.


Goober Peas
olivier... - San Francisco, CA - 1Jun2003 8:24 PM
I think i smell a rat ? Guess what..Jack White used to drum for a local Detroit band called Goober and the Peas..Highlights of the shows were balls of hay thrown on the crowd. So, Maybe Owen should pick up the guitar and start a noise rock outfit ! It's easy just put your finger on the low E 5th fret, strum, the 8th fret, strum, then 5th, then 3rd then 1st and finally open..Voila..Ok, would the Butcher please come back to San Francisco !

roadmender gig ?
robert... - northampton - 21Jul2003 2:39 PM
can't find your email anywhere on the site, not sure if this post will work, but here goes (briefly). I'm trying to get The Tigerlillies to play a gig at Roadmender... not sure exactly how or when, as they are out on tour at the mo... but would you be interested in a support slot if we got them here? It may be next year, but there IS a possible slot on 24th November if you are free... but it's a slim chance.

If not then... maybe another time?

much love

robert wornum

(I run the gallery bit at Roadmender)

The new generation corrupted by the Butcher.
Grizzlyadams... - Bay Area, California - 2Aug2003 1:00 PM

I have had the great pleasure of listening to your music for the past (Holy Christ!) 15 years. Most recently, I had the "dream-come-true" honour of sharing the dinner table and beer with you and the band at a friend's wedding you performed at in Pacific Grove California some years ago (fear the Iron Maiden!) Again, I apologise for the chorous pedal comment.
I thought you may or may not find it amusing that my twin 13 month old boys are great JBC fans (no thanks to my poor recreations on guitar and laughable vocals.) Their favourite song thus far is "Mr. Odd." Ever consider an alternate career? Look out wiggles...

The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch!!!!!
h2ofuego... - Hollywoodland - 16Aug2003 8:35 PM
Revola have released details about the forthcoming Jazz Butcher compilation appropriately called 'The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch! (The Best Of The Creation Records Years)'.........Swoop on over to the doing it for the Kids Website and check out the news link from Aug.14th...

Survive & Thrive,

William Blake

long time my friend
azn -at- - DON CHOW - 3Oct2003 10:44 AM

Greetings from Don Chow, in Asia, where I've been spending the past several months setting up a new base... and by chance I just found your website!

I had some music released in Japan last year in Japan on Derrick May's label, Transmat, and currently I'm DJ'ing in China just north of Hong Kong. You can visit my website (under construction) and online diary at

Glad to see your picture my friend, please email me... and pass my info along to Rolo if you would...

cheers and all the very best to you!

hello from Roger
rogerandkelly... - Port Chalmers Dunedin NewZealand - 7Oct2003 10:12 AM
Finally I've joined the modern world (bought an iMac) and
gone fishing. Great 2 see a favorite band and songwriter
raised from the grave, reanimated and shuffling evilly
around. JB you have been solace in dark times, thankyou!
By the way, in my lifetime endeavour 2 get something 4
nothing I attempted 2 download a couple of mp3s here but
could only get 1 minute of each. Was I holding my face the
wrong way, or do I need 2 PAY somewhere (mutters
inaudibly 2 self)?
This is a great site 2, CHEERS!!!

Free Lunch CD
andy... - Hereford, UK - 9Oct2003 4:14 AM
A fine idea but an opportunity lost. It must be irritating to get other people's tracklisting suggestions but I won't let that stop me.
Given that 'Fishcotheque' is pretty much unavailable in CD format I would have liked to have seen a heavier inclusion of some of its finest moments i.e. Most of side 1 and 'Susie'.
Also 'Sweet Water' and 'Whaddya' are conspicuous by their absence. Never mind, it still means that a CD release of 'Fishcotheque' is a viable proposition for someone. (or did I miss it?)

spam... - West Midlands, England - 15Nov2003 3:07 PM
Hi; I made a video promo of 'Mr Odd' for, you way back :-) I just dropped by on a Google-whim, and am glad to arrive at a time which roughly co-incides with the "CRREV 54" best-of... release!


get your tail over here!!!
dora9... - Auburn, AL - 9Dec2003 7:29 PM
The Butcher? Naah. Never met him personally, although he did provide the soundtrack to my growing up years in New Orleans. Rather liked the tunes - sort of witty. The kind of music you want to listen to with your friends, and then punch them. Haw Haw - a good time, that! Wish I could replace my poor worn tape copy of Bloody Nonsense with a shiny new CD, and I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Quit hiding out in the HM's back yard - we need music in Auburn, and I can almost guarantee you would survive to play another day.

Your Pal,
Chopper Dave

Anti social singing
In The Hood Street NN1... - North Trumpton - 18Mar2004 2:35 PM
As a full time employee of a some what busy restaurant..I keep missing all your weekend shin digs..please help . Jooles
darkshark-subscribe... - Agharta - 27Apr2004 8:39 PM

butchie cds
you... - long beach ca /vancouver BC - 25Jun2004 1:58 AM
Just to rub it in I have met the man Pat Fish in seattle and have the following on CD:Fishcotheque,
excellent the violent years,
A scandal in bohemia,
waiting for the love bus,
distressed gentlefolk,
Free Lunch,
illuminate x 2
draining the glass,
condition blue x2,
cake city,
western family,
glorious and idiotic,
cult of the basement,
edwards closet
rotton soul
well that about wraps it up.
you could say I was a fan of the band and that would be correct!

Bloody Nonsense
peter1000... - Richmond, VA USofA - 16Jul2004 1:47 PM
Man, I just scored a (nearly)mint copy of original Bloody Nonsense vinyl for a couple of dollars and am so stoked that I wanted to tell someone/ANYONE out there who actually knows just how good this album is. Sound quality is great, with the exception of a pop at the beginning of side 1. I'm trying to figure out how to rip this LP into my computer so I can finally have the CD I have been waiting for these past 18 years. It's really unreal that this thing is not available yet. What is the deal? Brilliant album.

Bloody nonsense
you... - odessa, missouri - 17Jul2004 1:55 PM
I too, have a mint copy of Bloddy nonsense, and other vinyl..........congrats and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

rebecca... - Dallas, Texas - 5Aug2004 1:13 AM
Anybody else think Jazz Butcher sounds just like
New Order? Ooh ooh wait. No. Sounds even more
like The Smiths.
The Smiths...Morrissey..."some girls are bigger than others,
some girls are bigger than others,
some girls' mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers." You know.

Butcher sounds like New Order?
you... - 11Sep2004 11:01 AM
I think not. Smiths? Are you sure you're actually listening to the Butcher? "It's good when we're together, we can all go make that special sound." =Rain, JBC

Smiths? New Order? - wemgadge! - 14Oct2004 7:25 AM
Both Pat and Max have at times sounded
reminiscent of Bernard and Morrissey, but they
have always had there own unique style.

If I were to make a comment on the later
incarnation of the JBC (say, Waiting for the Love
Bus era) I would cite Stereolab, Spiritualized
and The Blue Aeroplanes as closer influences...
(though I suspect that Pat has partied with these
fine gentlefolk on occasion)

Cheers Pat and the rest of the Conspiracy... I
wish you all well and continued success with

Influences, prices, frustration & fun
winharrison... - Tucson AZ, USofA - 24Oct2004 4:06 AM
Well, if the '80s Jazz Butcher sounded like anyone else, I think Robyn Hitchcock or the Television Personalities might be a LITTLE closer to the mark. New Order? Nah - really don't see it. At all.

Sigh, I'm still trying to get over another Ebay failed attempt. Who on earth paid $180 for a CD of "Big Questions" or $170 for "In Bath of Bacon"? Who has that kind of money!?! There HAS to be a better way. I guess that's what comparatively cheap vinyl is for.

Still think the serios Creation era stuff is the best, and "Waiting For the Love Bus" will remain my favorite. I wish Pat, Max & co. continued success.

Kingsthorpe... - Northampton, - 17Nov2004 9:18 AM
Do you know when Curtis's new CD is out?

you... - 20Jan2005 7:38 AM
Any news on new CD?

The Butcher... - Shakespeare Villas, NN1 - 25Jan2005 7:28 AM
Hey there, Curtis fiends...We here at the JBC aren't actually involved with Curt's recording output (except when he lets us in the studio to mess his shit up). For release info you need to contact Floating World Records, or check out Curt's own website, which you can reach via the links page on this site. For what it's worth, he mentioned to me the other day that he is working on an EP at the moment, but I have no idea when it's coming out. Best, Pat

you... - 25Jan2005 9:40 AM
No news on his website.

Hope to hear some release date soon maybe.

My dad know's Curtis.
Seen Curtis at a few gigs.
Do you know if he is planing any more gigs in the near future?

My name is Leighton Cousins,

The JBC in Mojo Magazine?
you... - 26Jan2005 12:11 PM
In the Feb. '05 issue of Mojo magazine, there is a feature about Creation Records on page 130.

There, on the left hand side of the photo collage, are three darkly clad figures that bear a vague resemblance to: David J, Max Eider, and the Jazz Butcher himself (on a bad-hair day). Even though that is not the Creation-era line up, I wonder if that is our beloved JBC?

Anyone else see this?

As usual, there is no mention at all of Creation's greatest signing...oh well, Butch, there ain't no justice in the world.

The JBC in Mojo Magazine?
cheeso65... - Cheeso - 26Jan2005 12:11 PM
In the Feb. '05 issue of Mojo magazine, there is a feature about Creation Records on page 130.

There, on the left hand side of the photo collage, are three darkly clad figures that bear a vague resemblance to: David J, Max Eider, and the Jazz Butcher himself (on a bad-hair day). Even though that is not the Creation-era line up, I wonder if that is our beloved JBC?

Anyone else see this?

As usual, there is no mention at all of Creation's greatest signing...oh well, Butch, there ain't no justice in the world.

JBC in Mojo Magazine?
El Carnicero del Jazz... - NN1 - 26Jan2005 7:12 PM
Hell, why not? We're old enough.

In Bath Of Bacon
gavin13... - Napa, CA, USA - 2Feb2005 11:15 AM
Hey Everyone,
In Bath Of Bacon (CD) is up on Ebay. Thought
someone might be interested.

cheeso65... - Cheeso - 9Feb2005 11:53 PM
Some people are literal, aren't they?

you... - 10Feb2005 6:17 AM
Who is literal then?

Maybe We Didn't See The Signs
congenial clegg... - perth, western australia - 14Feb2005 5:41 PM
Are we there yet? Is that the sea?

you... - 9Mar2005 9:51 AM
Just thought i would put this on the main web page. Leighton Cousins

remember seeing the Celebrated Ratcliffe Stout Band on two occassions in the early eighties at the Arts Centre in Builth Wells, Powys, Wales.

At the second gig, unfortunately the audience was probably no more than a dozen. This did not deter or upset Tom however. After a couple of numbers he walked off the stage and simply invited us all to join him in the bar, where we all had a fantastic evening joining in as he sang and played his eclectic range music which was individual as the man himself.

I still have the two vinyl albums I bought that night. Tom signed them and drew a small caricature of him sinking a pint, plus the words "I like a nice pint". A great man and musician.

Stay forever on the Brightlit Pier.

Paul Brady
UK, Northampton.... - Leighton Cousins - 9Apr2005 2:05 PM
I just thought I would tell everyone that I am over in Belfast for the weekend staying with my uncle and I am going to see Paul Brady at the Waterfront in belfast Tomorow night.

If there is anyone else who is in to paul brady please tell me your views.

You could even give me a text on: 07881938817.
Thank you.

Belfast nights
The Butcher... - Northampton Town - 9Apr2005 7:41 PM
Leighton - You are so cool. I guess we'll meet one of these days. Stay well, Pat xxx

you will meet me
you... - 11Apr2005 11:59 AM
I am graham cousins son, I be at this tom hall thing on saturday 23rd of april. text me on my mobile if you like that would be great.


The Butcher, The Tube, The DVD
andy.black2... - andy black, leicester - 13Apr2005 5:27 AM

A former uni lecturer mate of mine has discovered a stash of videos, and amongst the wonders is an episode of the tube, circa 1984, featuring your good self.

Andy is in the process of putting the tapes onto dvd, so if you want one, then er.....let us know. I've sent on an email via Mark Refoy, who may pass the email onto you anyway. otherwise, i'm sure you may be able to get the address from this thing somehow.

Paul Brady again.
Leighton Cousins... - Northampton, Kingsthorpe, UK - 13Apr2005 6:53 AM
I was over in Belfast at the waterfront hall.
And I enjoyed it so much that I am thinking of going to see him again at the Warwick arts centre in Coventry on Wednesday the 18th of May.

Is there anybody else who is thinking of going to this gig or any other paul brady gig in the uk?

Leighton Cousins...................

Tom Hall Website
Leighton Cousins... - UK, Northampton, Kingsthorpe. - 15Apr2005 4:55 AM
Hi everybody,

I keep trying to go on Official Tom Hall Website and something else keeps coming up. CAN YOU HELP?

Ow yeah are you puting anything about the Tom Hall thing at the County Cricket Ground on the Saturday 23rd of April.

Ow yeah if anybody is after Tickets ring My mum Pam on: 07774564403.

Leighton Cousins.

the butcher... - NN1 - 15Apr2005 7:47 AM
I believe that the Tom Hall Official site is currently down and looking for a new host. My band Wilson will be playing at the Phippsville Festival on April 23rd, along with all manner of top local talent, so do follow Leighton's advice and get yourselves a ticket for what promises to be a big night out. Chhers, Pat xxx

you... - 19Apr2005 8:26 AM

Great night
Leighton Cousins... - Northampton, UK - 25Apr2005 7:05 AM
Great night on saturday at the cricket ground. Injoyed it very much when Curtis sang and Wilson at the end of the night. Look forward to more gigs celbrating Tom Hall in the future.

Thanks to everyone who came on saturday.

tom website
Leighton Cousins... - Northampton, UK - 25Apr2005 7:14 AM
Still cant get on tom hall website.

Do you know pat when it will be up and running again.


football team
you... - 19May2005 7:14 AM
Hey is there anybody out there who want to join our football team in Northampton, Kingthorpe? Check out our website.

Sir Van Morrison
Leighton Cousins... - Northampton, UK - 9Jun2005 7:12 AM
Anyone checked out van morrison's new album Magic Time it is fucking great.

If you have not got it get it NOW or your missing out big time.

Ow by the way it's 12th in charts.............

Enough British shows already!
Steph... - New York, USofA - 20Jul2005 10:26 AM
When are you boys coming back to NYC?!?!

the butcher... - NN1 - 22Jul2005 3:49 AM
When there is no longer a paranoid and unreasonable demand that we be photographed and fingerprinted on the way into your country.

Will JBC ever be on iTunes Music Store?
Evil John... - Wisconsin, USA - 24Jul2005 7:12 AM
Will any of the JBC ever show up on iTunes Music Store?
Any thoughts on how this form of distribution affects the artists?

(Side note: I agree with your comment about getting into
America. It is paranoid and unreasonable.)

Leighton.... - Northampton,UK - 6Aug2005 5:46 AM
Any news on the Tom Hall website?

you... - Brisbane, Australia - 5Sep2005 11:55 PM
I saw the JB gig at the Town Pump in Vancouver many years ago, and wonder if the long-delayed Australian tour is ever going to happen?

Tom Hall And Curtis E Johnson Northampton stars.
Leighton... - Northampton - 7Sep2005 11:39 AM
Any news on these?

Curtis album?
Release date?

Tom Hall Website?

Some one reply to this message A.S.P


curtis extended player
curtis_uk... - Northampton - 17Sep2005 2:03 AM
there is a new collection of songs
That will hopefully see the light of day before the year is out
it is a cornucopia of celtic cusine, and Ena Baxter(the soup baroness) delights.
she was a wonderfull woman who went to Scotland (Real scotland that is not the low lands)
and she saw all the wonderfull animals living there, and she thought mmm they would make good soup. So her family began the barborous/glorious 12th when lots of small things that fly get shot by rotters from the town.
anyway I digress hopefully october

Curtis E Johnson
Leighton.... - Northampton, UK - 7Oct2005 4:30 AM
Let us know when your new CD is out and I have a copy please?

no such thing as a free lunch
sadie powers... - richmond, va, usa - 28Nov2005 8:32 AM
i found a copy of 'free lunch' at a virgina megastore that i
stumbled into after the bauhaus show in orlando, fl. of course i
bought it. so i paid for a free lunch. tell me, how does this work?

My free lunch
The Butcher... - NN1 - 28Nov2005 9:31 AM
Ah, Sadie. What goes around comes around. You paid for your Free Lunch and that pays for mine. If you see what I mean. Thanks for buying it, though. Yours solipsistically, The Butcher xxx

Have a good one.
Leighton Cousins... - Northampton, UK - 23Dec2005 6:53 AM
Just to to everyone who goes on this web have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the Best for 2006.

The Jazz Butcher is now available in itunes!
Me am Tom... - Long Island, New York USA - 1Jan2006 3:04 PM
It's about time, only one Album available right now for download.
The right move would be an add of Bloody Nonsense and Gift of
Music Vol 2, along with all the singles.

Jazz Butcher DVD on ebay!
tomwayne... - Tom, USA - 23Jan2006 6:30 AM
There's a Jazz Butcher DVD for sale on Ebay! A live concert from 1990. Here's the link:

DVD on Ebay
right.knewit... - Dave from Ohio - 25Jan2006 4:49 AM
If I somehow manage to get a copy of this, I will torrent it for the jbc-list.

Rare DVD
ukla222... - Brad Miller - 29Jan2006 8:49 PM
I gave it a whole lot of whatfor but came up short on Ebay. Wish they took kidneys.

nikkisudden... - Nikki Sudden - 12Feb2006 8:54 AM

Would you be up for a Jacobites show at your club? First one in N'hampton since the mid-eighties... I was thinking about 28 or 30 March.


Real funny Ebay listing..
fuelburningoracle... - Tom, America - 4Mar2006 9:29 PM

It's a board game, I'm just surprised it's not made from the skins of dead jim morrisons.

sold soul
tbwatch... - john andrew fredrick/los angeles, california - 10Mar2006 1:44 PM
gotta topic for a patsong: someone reportedly sold his/her soul on ebay recently--now why didn't i think of that. oh, p'haps it's already gone!
ruminate about it. hope you are well, dear sir!!!

jam night
n/a... - leighton, northampton, uk - 20Mar2006 7:06 AM
Anybody up for jam night in cock hotel kingsthorpe tonight in the and every monday. Good fun and you can have a sing to.

svingolli1... - bowie - 30Mar2006 2:22 AM
wonderfull that you guys are playing gigs, Quit f***ing around England and play the states again. Saw your last L.A.gig with David j and kevin.

N/A... - Leighton, Northampton - 30Mar2006 7:40 AM
Curtis Johnson I think my dad was going to speak to you about the jam night think on a monday in cock hotel in Kingsthorpe.

N/A... - Leighton Cousins, Kingsthorpe,Northampton - 10Apr2006 9:25 AM
Please get down to Cock Hotel in kingsthorpe tonight as Curtis Johnson will be playing and Inloco Bonobo will be playing from about 830pm and 9pm.


N/A... - Leighton, Northampton - 12Apr2006 10:15 AM
What a monday that was if you missed it get you fucking arse down next monday.

7 Year Itch
brian.hilden... - 1speed, Ashland Oregon - 15Apr2006 9:55 PM
i've just come out of the gig-induced coma i've been in since the JBC show in san francisco in the fall of 1999...i'm drinking tequila and finding this site and listening to scandal in bohemia(they always say that trouble comes in 3's)...and i see here that the boyz are still playing!? great Caesar's ghost!

headstone... - The Butcher - 28Apr2006 9:09 AM
Hello everybody, it's me. On a tip-off from Rolo I have just discovered that there is a JBC myspace site. Before the rush starts, I need to say this.
Somebody else has set this thing up, not me. So I have no way of communicating with anybody who tries to contact me or the band via this site. To those who have already become friends and who have received no reply, my apologies, but I didn't even know that this was going on until today. I am not currently a member of the MySpace community in any way, though I have recently been considering dipping my toe in. Now this comes along.

I have no idea who is behind it, but I would be very grateful if they would stop what they are doing and talk to me. Now, please.


headstone... - The Butcher, NN1 - 1May2006 11:25 AM
Well, we still haven't got to the bottom of the numpty posing as me on MySpace, but our top detectives are hard at work even as I write. Why would anybody want to pretend to be me, for goodness' sakes?

We've also found a fan site at, which is not a problem.

Meanwhile, Wilson have come into Mypace. Check them out at

Best, Pat xxx

Anyone up for jam night then?
n/a... - Leighton,Northampton - 27May2006 7:10 AM
thought as it's a bank hoilday monday is anyone up for the jam night this monday in cock hotel, kingsthorpe, northampton?

It's good fun.

Curtis E Johnson should be here this monday.

Last night at the Lumiere
david.milligan... - Milligan, London - 15Jun2006 3:41 AM
Got to write in and say what a great gig Pat and Max played at the Lumiere on the 14th! Only found out about it hours before from a friend who's got a relative in Scarlett's Well. Last saw the Butcher live about 20 years ago in Dingwalls, and a little solo gig with a sax player in some dodgy pub in Kings Cross. Last night was waaaay better! Great to see you on such stinking form, and sorry if I made Max jump when I grabbed him after the show to tell him what a genius he is!
Thanks for a top set! Lots of new songs (for me, anyway). Any chance of the setlist so I can track them down?
: )



You're hard to contact!!
david.milligan... - Milligan - 15Jun2006 5:51 AM
Dear Mr Fish,

Thanks for your reply re setlist. Tried to subscribe to the mailing list but that address and the one you emailed me on keep getting thrown back?! Anyroad:

Not 'arf! Put me on that list!
Got a few friends who couldn't make last night at such short notice who want to come next time...
: )

Thanks for a good night out,

All the best

Dave Milligan

Been too long
yo11craps... - Tony - San Francisco - 25Jun2006 1:01 AM
Why don't you and Max pick up some tickets and pop over here to sunny san francisco?

it has
headstone... - the butcher, nn1 - 28Jun2006 10:15 AM
It really has been too long, I agree. Don't forget to register to vote.

US Gigs
Patrick.Bundy... - Patrick Salt Lake City - 28Jun2006 3:22 PM
I am sure we could find a happy support team for a US stint!! It would be good to see Pat and Max again, even if I have to drive to San Fran again to do it.

headstone... - the butcher, nn1 - 28Jun2006 7:33 PM
Well, I'm not going to Salt Lake City, let's just put it that way...Pat xxx

Salt 2
ukla222... - Brad Miller, Omaha - 7Jul2006 12:10 PM
Hi Pat & Defunct maillist-
taking it all in, what about a Canadian date? Its a way to still move about without falling under GW's nonsense. Yeah, I've never been; but not only do I get the feeling that they would make for a fantastic host, but I would even imagine we could add Cohen in the mix- given a solid date and some ground work. Double bill, Toronto? Think on that?
Dave- hadn't forgotten it. Two copies are on the way. Had some Machiavellian shit at work to plow through. Maybe Brian Greene & Co can explain this complete uphill experience/existance.

oh canada
headstone... - el carnicero - 8Jul2006 9:22 PM
You know, we did think about this. A fellow in Canada even contacted us, offering to help sort a date or two. I think we scared him off with demands for stupidly serious amounts of money. But it's not as though you American guys wouldn't come, right? Hell, you could even forget to go home and fit in some good old fashioned draft dodging. All together now...It's one, two three, what are fighting for?

Fishy xxx

n/a... - Leighton Cousins, Northampton - 10Jul2006 8:42 AM
Just like to say cheers to curtis for his great performance on saturday night in the cock hotel in kingsthorpe and that I am really looking forward to seeing you at future gigs.

All the best.

Never mind Canada, what about the Port Mahon?
michael... - Michael, Oxford - 15Jul2006 3:19 AM
Nightshift, Oxford's source of musical rumour and unforgiving demo reviews, claims that one Pat Fish is playing at the Port Mahon on Thursday 27th July, supported by The New Moon and supporting The Black Watch. Is there any truth in it?

Catfish? Port Mahon?
lovelywoodnymph... - Lovely Woodnymph - 31Jul2006 10:53 AM
Or that Catfish was playing at the Port Mahon, according to Daily Information.

Great gig, Pat.

Please post the set list though - there were a couple of things we didn't recognise...

Woodnymph x

oxfodd set
headstone... - the butcher - 31Jul2006 6:53 PM
Hey Woodnymph. Never figured out who you are. That set list in full: San Andreas - Oh Wot A Dream (by Kevin Ayers about Syd Barrett) - The Ugliest Song in the World - Mercy - Beautiful Mind - Quality People - Niagara - Angels - Another Day on Earth (by Eno). Hope you enjoyed the Soul Revolvers too.

come check it out
n/a... - leighton, northampton, kingsthorpe - 15Aug2006 8:37 AM
hey everybody come check out my

Hey, Pat--Long time!!
markwhelm... - mark helm- now in nashville - 30Aug2006 7:28 AM

Hey. 'Sbeen a while. I've been busy having children (gillian, 3; cooper, 5) and getting situated in music city, usa.

Found myself misquoting you the other day when I quipped, "You're staring like a scientist at that girl's ass." And so I thought I'd better get on it and say hello.

Haven't finished up the follow up to 'everything's ok' (btw, thanks again for your kind words on the waxing), but that story is not for the public board (far too interesting). So drop a line in your lesiure, sir.

All me best,

Mark Helm (late of radioblue)

Hey, Pat--Long time!!
markwhelm... - mark helm- now in nashville - 30Aug2006 7:30 AM

Hey. 'Sbeen a while. I've been busy having children (gillian, 3; cooper, 5) and getting situated in music city, usa.

Found myself misquoting you the other day when I quipped, "You're staring like a scientist at that girl's ass." And so I thought I'd better get on it and say hello.

Haven't finished up the follow up to 'everything's ok' (btw, thanks again for your kind words on the waxing), but that story is not for the public board (far too interesting). So drop a line in your lesiure, sir.

All me best,

Mark Helm (late of radioblue)

cobblers2idie2006... - Leighton, Northampton - 18Sep2006 5:17 AM
Hey just thought I would ask anybody up and running on myspace yet?

Check my website out:

wow jbc still going Cool
yethmathter... - igor in the deep south{uk} - 25Sep2006 2:22 PM
Thought jbc vanished years back Still remember getting Southern Mark Smith 7" followed by a cracking gig in Brighton All too long ago now!

longtime pat,
antony... - anthony, ohm, bristol. - 25Oct2006 5:19 AM
easy pat,
tone here, been a long old time. me and francolini have finally nailed our album
and await the mass waves of indifference. just finished the 1st single which we'll release on 7" only then follow it up with another 7" only release 2 months later...hmm, very commercial. anyway i'll try and drop copies into you when i'm next in northampton...been a long time but i gotta visit the oldies soon.
meantime where at and myspace/dragons1.

be good to catch up proper soon.
love and peace.

song lyrics
jcampagna42... - joe/chicago, illinois/usa - 7Nov2006 9:07 AM
i heard a song on the radio the other day, by an artist called 'the jazz butcher'. the premise (lyrics) is that the devil was a friend of the singer. i'm trying to locate the song, so as to do a download. can anyone help?

the devil
pat... - The Butcher - 7Nov2006 7:57 PM
God, I can't believe they're still playing that drivel on the blooming radio. You're in the right place, my friend, that's about all I can say. Actually, the devil was a friend of Roky Erikson, but I guess that's all water under the bridge now. Isn't it? Pat xxx

Friday 1st December
butcher... - the butcher, NN1 - 28Nov2006 8:32 AM
Hi folks! Masters of Budvar this Friday 1st December features gangsta goth nepotists WILSON plus Spiritualised/Freelovebabies psychedelic stormtrooper WILL CARRUTHERS.Also your superstar DJ tag-team THE COOPER MENTAL WHORES. It's a family affair! Free admission and bar until midnight. Be there or be somewhere else.
Pat xxx

The Devil is My Friend
dirk.valk... - Dirkman, FL - 13Dec2006 5:58 PM
So, is there *anywhere* to buy or beg an mp3 of 'The Devil is My Friend'? Fifteen years ago in Houston, the spunkiest, sexiest Lone Star girl there ever was bought the album, and she and her closest friends started many a famous evening with a rousing sing-a-long. Well she's getting hitched in February and I aim to tie up the DJ while I patch it in on my iPod, if I can find the dang thing. The aftermath may make national headlines.

cobblers2idie2006... - Leighton, Northampton - 5Jan2007 2:07 PM
Get your self down to the Racehorse pub in northampton near the deco on the 13th for 7:45pm bands playing: Curtis e Johnson, Will Hall, Freeway Jam and Ghost Train.


kevinbrindley... - kevin kent - 19Jan2007 6:10 PM
Wow! After all these years the jazz butcher is still here. Thankyou for free downloads, I cant wait to buy a LOT of your albums. Please dont stop doing what you do the best. which is make people very happy. Cheers Mr. Fish you have bought my good childhood memories flooding back. I cannot thank you enough. I cant wait to buy sinister ducks. My 14yr old son likes you too. Now instead of hating microsoft, there is a purpose to the internet.

Thanks for the Devil
dirk.valk... - Dirkman, FL - 30Jan2007 10:25 AM
Thank you very much to the many people who responded to my search for an mpg version of "The Devil is My Friend". I have received several excellent copies, and I appreciate your help. My friend will be surprised, and very pleased! Best regards,

umm who do i pay
goldstar58... - Dave Stuebe louisville ky - 14Feb2007 8:01 PM
i want all the records cassettes that were set on fire by my girlfriend in Chicago in 87... drink, red pets, jb vs cd, devil is my friend, damn that was good stuff

saw you guys in chicago at caberet metro and then in london at some bar about the same time 85-86? kind of half stalked you

great to here you made it out in one piece

Live in Hamburg
andypparsons... - Andy, Hampshire UK - 8Apr2007 6:30 AM
Hi All,
From the moment I saw JB play at Glastonbury many, many years ago I was hooked. Did see you guys play around Hammersmith a few years later and it was great. For years I've been searching for a vinyl copy of "Live in Hamburg" and found one last week in excellent condition.
One mystery I'd loveto know is that once at a party in Tower Bridge I came across a girl who was Caroline Wheeler and knew you guys. Was a bit shy and wouldn't go into details too much. Could have been a wind up but I don't think so. Would love to know the connection to the lift with a fish in it and what it was all about! Andy

cobblers2idie2006... - Leighton, Northamptonshire - 14Jul2007 7:26 AM

Edmonton [at]-remove- Bronx
4ad... - Jeff - 24Aug2007 9:07 PM
Hey, I saw you in 1992 playing at the Bronx in Edmonton Canada. You played an instore at the HMV in West Edmonton Mall and commented to the crowd before your set on my T-shirt, a Husker Du shirt. You rocked then, you still rock now!

oliverhuntrods... - Oliver Huntrods, Barcelona, Spain - 6Oct2007 11:51 PM
Hi Pat

Please keep me informed of what you are up to.
I don't know your music. I'm not only a great lover of jazz but I'm also a slightly removed relation of yours; my grandfather, Vernon Guy, is, I believe, your father Wilfred's brother. I've heard much about your side of the family but I've never got to meet any of you. Last I heard of you directly was through through a schoolmaster of mine at Tonbridge twenty years ago, ....blah,blah (Mr to us), something Sweitzer... who asked me if I was related to you and said he knew you from university( Oxford, perhaps?).
I'll make a point of looking your work up; forgive my not knowing much about you but besides five years at boarding school and a couple of years at the Bartlett, UCL, I've grown up and lived mostly in Latin America and Southern Europe.
Get back to me if you feel like it at: oliverhuntrods[at]
Best regards

Oli Huntrods

Dates that are less stale?
morph... - Mortimer - 7Oct2007 8:49 PM
Could we get some on this page? Any dates in the US or is a tour perhaps being readied, uh, For the Continent?


k.baucherel... - Kate, Teesside - 11Oct2007 5:48 AM
Just got myself organised with replacing a lot of my old vinyl with CDs - moved house and finally had room for the turntable again after 10 years, only to find it's wrecked. Spent last night bouncing round the house to old favourites from the very early days on the Draining the Glass CD.

Do you remember the Tube fiasco back in early '86? I'm the excitable student who ended up on your guest list because my parents were talking to yours at a party in Tiffield and knew I was a fan... I remember a couple of gigs at the Roadmender around that time too, great fun and my strict parents were quite happy to let me out to play because they were under the strange impression that you were respectable!

Glad to see you're still out there, I'll keep an eye out for gigs (although these days I'll need a babysitter!).

Kate x

JBC films..
tomwayne... - Tom and New York - 3Feb2008 12:42 PM
I've hidden a few more up on youtube! The angels video is up there along with some concert videos.

Oh, for crying out loud!!
dora9... - Chopper Dave B Auburn, AL - 7Apr2008 9:58 PM
GET TO THE STATES, YOU BASTARDS. The music scene is about as stale as the last Bauhaus reunion.

Besides, "Betty Page" might be my last chance to get laid!!

I'm not sober and neither should you!

Cheers and All,


1976 -2008 Psi-Op UK Songwriter
doublegdm... - Gavin Murphy - 4Oct2008 9:36 AM
Ok then I guess this message will confirm to some that I am crazy..

so on and so forth

paris one more time
dufourelisa... - jean michel - 9Oct2008 12:30 PM
Hello Pat

when are you coming back in Paris ?

please, please, ....

good luck

french gig
les.guillaume... - pierre guillaume besançon - 15Oct2008 10:10 AM
all we have to do (we, regular basic fan) is sending many many many messages to places like "l'européen", "la java", "le divan du monde", to tell them to invite Mr Fish to come and play music (if possible on a saturday night)...!!!

doublegdm... - Gavin -Nor Cal - 24Oct2008 10:55 AM
Sorry ......

Positive message
sumo... - audioaquatic/Buffalo NY - 11Nov2008 4:51 PM
to the kids, that is, more of everything - Don't be afraid!

RIP Betty Page
mellochord... - Cheeso, Los Angeles - 12Dec2008 8:38 AM
The great Betty Page has passed away, RIP.

Stage cats
lordtombyron... - Lord Tom Byron - Hollywood - 3Feb2009 11:57 AM
Dude do you remember way way back when you played the Roxy in Hollywood and had all these crazy cardboard kittens all over the stage? Got any left in the garage? That was hot!

stage cats
gojirasan... - The Butcher, NN1 - 4Feb2009 8:31 AM
I remember those little guys. They left the theatre long before the band did.

U.S. stops
wrogermexico... - Dean, Boston - 28Feb2009 5:08 PM

Any plans for being anywhere in the US? Saw you at TT the Bear in Boston years ago and would love to see you all again and bring friends.


lost in france....
dufourelisa... - jean michel - 6Mar2009 11:59 AM
hello Pat

when are you come back in Paris ?
take the eurostar and come to sing us your songs

i'll be in london for 1+2+3 may, so perhaps you'll play here this week

salutations musicales and good luck

Keep Punching!
rsd... - Scott D, Eastern USA - 18Mar2009 10:46 PM
Hi Pat,

Great to see your new songs! You're a massive talent and we're still looking forward to your best work. Don't let the grind of daily life or the weight of nostalgia keep you from doing what you do best. Keep punching! Looking forward to your new gems.

To all, check out this amazing live version of "Sister Death" -

What a glorious noise!

from an old italian friens
how are you'... - Giancarlo Susanna Roma Italy - 22Mar2009 3:55 AM
Hi Pat,
I hope you are fine.
I'd like to get in touch with you again.
Your friend

P.S. It's not nostalgia...

pat... - pat fish - 22Mar2009 8:11 PM
Well, how good to hear from you, Giancarlo. I was in Roma last summer on holiday and I was thinking about you. Drop me a line at the address above, or check me out at It would be a pleasure to be in touch again. Pat x

Still Listening
tim.morris7... - Tim Nottingham - 5Aug2009 10:33 AM
Hello Pat,

Saw you with David J at the Derngate in the early eighties when I lived in Northampton. When I moved to Nottingham with my only Jazz Butcher Single I started to go to Rock City. Got to know the DJ and made him play your single which then got played every week (lost that one). All these years later I am still listening and want to thank you for years of enjoyment. That night inspired me to play bass guitar (of a fashion)



kauanui... - Kehaulani - 1Sep2009 9:22 PM
I just noticed The Jazz Butcher listed for the Part Time Punks Festival in NYC for October 11th (2009). Any other gigs on the east coast of America - other NYC shows? Boston? Anywhere else? Please post gig/tour updates. Thanks & aloha!

Part Time Punks
plasticsoul2001... - Steven/San Gabriel - 4Sep2009 3:29 PM
Hi Kehaulani

The October 11th show is in Los Angeles. I will be the guy in front of the stage with a big, blissful smile on his face.

tamisabel... - TAM ISABEL MONTREAL - 5Sep2009 7:46 AM



jdvf... - John Devitofranceschi, Stamford, CT, USA - 10Sep2009 12:34 PM
"large swathes of new material, both acoustic and electric"

I want these large swathes of new material. I want to make a sonic suit out of them.

ah my
the.walking... - Aly // North Carolina, USA - 3Oct2009 11:09 PM
Fairly recent discovery... Butcher/Pat, you are a genius (musically, lyrically, and! (Ah, yeah, I reckon Max's okay, too.)

Feed me!
ed.webb... - Ed - 14Oct2009 7:38 PM
Long-time fan, grew up with Jazz Butcher in the 1980s, happy to recently acquire a CD of the early work and find this site.

But where's the RSS feed? It shouldn't be too hard to add a feed of updates, right? A website without a feed is like a fish without a guitar.

JB Conspiracy upstarts
pauldaintry... - Paulie London - 27Oct2009 5:36 AM
Who are these johnny-come-lately upstarts, "JB Conspiracy", who are playing at the O2 on Friday? I got all excited, only to be let down by reality again. Surely some copyright infringement? Let's agitate for the real JBC to play at the O2, hell the Albert Hall. At least somewhere in London. It's been too long...

Ratliffe's celebrated Stout band, Tom Hall
beyond me what this means old boy... - Alaric Neville, here and there - 18Jan2010 2:58 AM
Hello Pat
Its been and age since we met, probably some time in the mid or late 80s. As an excuse to say hello I'll use the co-incidence that I have the honour to be the eminence gris behind the recent revival of Ratliffe's Celebrated Stout and its parent company, Phipps NBC, the insipration behind the name of Tom Hall's band. I see you are also a fan and champion of this Northampton musical legend, so I simply salute you and your taste, as ever. I was looking for a simple email address for you but hope this will find you via some convoluted method, Cheers my dear Alaric x

Pat Fish
h2ofuego... - Jim - 2Mar2010 12:56 AM
"Shakey", "Plastic Queen" and "Shame About You", please!! what about a Pat Fish album!?!

London Gig?
wildeorton... - Greg, Michigan - 19Mar2010 12:58 PM

I will be visiting London and staying near Spitalfields and I'm hoping against hope you might be playing a show near there between 28 and 31 March. If nothing is scheduled, what would it take to get you over that way?

Cheers and I hope to see you there.


Now, thats what I call Northampton Vol. 1
h2ofuego... - Jimmy - 16Jun2010 5:37 PM
Now we're talking! This is some of the best news I've heard in a while!! We could certainly use it...I've been waiting for New material and to be getting The Collective sounds from The NN1 no less!!! Finally 'A love affair with Northampton, a journey into space" CD!!!

new songs
les.guillaume... - pierre guillaume from france - 20Jun2010 2:50 AM
now, that's what I call good news...!!!

Pat in Paris
dufourelisa... - JM from Paris - 25Aug2010 11:56 AM
When, where ?????????????
please come to see us

h2ofuego... - Jimmy Duval - 1Sep2010 6:51 PM
NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL NORTHAMPTON - VOL. 1 sounds incredible!!! I have just returned from perusing and there are sample snippets from each song there!?!?! Easily, my most eagarly awaited and anticipated release of the year!!!
And with just one listen from the sample snippetes I can assure you all it will be!!!! The "Final Countdown" for NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL NORTHAMPTON - VOL. 1 has begun.

a.jasse... - Police Chief Hamburg - 3Sep2010 1:57 PM
This is extra cool Mr.Fish.
I love N'hampton! (I know, nobody does... Still I do!)

New Songs..about time!
joiain67... - Iain - Nottingham - 17Sep2010 1:19 PM
Great to have some new songs - All The Saints already feels just like a heyday classic.

Hope you are well - do you know yet if you going to be involved in anything around the Upside Down documentary?


Bit of Notice
TM... - Waste of Space - 17Sep2010 4:24 PM
Unless monitoring this site hour by hour, it is hard to get any
warning for the upcoming gigs...while that can be very
rock'n'roll, its equally impractical. And since somewhere this all
must be part of some master plan anyhow...

Specifically, since you might (not?) wonder what would be
helpful, 5 days notice on the next London show (this fall?)
would do..or Brussels beer garden show...or both

And while we're at it, how bout The Devil is My Friend download?
Can't figure out how to lift it off YouTube

Penguins video is great, just for the record.

See you at the cinema.

That's What I Call Northampton- awesome
bill.johnston.belong... - Bill Johnston, Australia - 2Oct2010 5:25 PM
Hi Pat
Just got back from driving 2500km around Western Australia with the entire works of Jazz Butcher blaring from the stereo and scaring snakes,kangaroos and lizards. Of course I saw Mercy on YouTube long ago but I've left off previewing the other tracks so it will be the first time when my Northampton compilation arrives via post. Can't wait for Shame About You and Shakey to make it out too. Keep up the good work.

asboderek... - Jem, Brighton - 8Oct2010 2:47 AM
Hi Pat,

How are you doing?

Hey, we saw Jonathan Richman in Brighton last night. He was on superb form. The set was almost all new songs, as far as I could tell. Seems that he has a new album out soon.

He seemed to like the venue, under the arches down on the seafront. Wanted to know how old the place was.

It's all about being in the moment, enjoying the little things...

Are you gonna get to see him in London?

Oh and any chance of Asbo Derek playing in Northampton?!

Jem x

cobblers2idie2006... - Leighton, Northampton - 14Oct2010 2:12 PM
Hey friends if you aint got it yet and want to know how you can get a hold of the first volume of Now That's What I Call Northampton then go to and click on the Shop to buy the cd or download it.

Peace and see you at the Labour Club on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2010.

jdvf... - Foonon, New England - 12Dec2010 11:24 AM
When will these films be made available for purchase? Will they be PAL and NTSC? Region 0? Downloadable? Viewable on my wristwatch?

We gots ta know!


Now That's What I Call...
doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 15Dec2010 9:20 PM
...unsportsmanlike. Amazon UK doesn't let US customers buy the digital download of Now That's What I Call Northampton. Wut's a lad to do, eyup?

jazz... - Pat, NN1 - 16Dec2010 5:39 AM
Oh, for goodness' sakes, act like a man. It's on loads of other download sites including I-Tunes ;~)

g.susanna... - Giancarlo Susanna - Roma, Italy - 31Jan2011 9:45 AM
Hi Pat,
I hope that you remember me... I'd like to get in touch with you again.
Do you remember the radio in Roma (two times)?
And the festival in Sardegna?
How are you?
Giancarlo :-)

pat... - The Butcher - 31Jan2011 5:43 PM
Giancarlo, I hope you see this. You can reach me at:!/profile.php?id=1784390687

(And so can the rest of you, of course.)

Pat x

jdvf... - Foonon, New England - 24Feb2011 7:47 PM

If you want to get some funding to record/self-publish an album or two check out There are probably thousands of fans willing to pay hundreds of dollars for new tunes now that the bottom has fallen out of the market for second-hand JBC discs.


johnnyp.purcell... - Johnny P - 27Feb2011 1:47 PM
Re : now that the bottom has fallen out of the market for second-hand JBC discs.

Unfortunately I've just been outbid on a Glass copy of Bath Of Bacon on CD. It went for over £40. Not much sign of the bottom falling out of that particular market at the moment....

Who needs 1
Xam005... - Mark Cambridge USA - 2Apr2011 1:07 PM
Who will buy mt
My wonderful old jbc records?

Camden gig
bootyliciouspie... - Bootylicious - Tijuana - 20Apr2011 8:40 AM
would you recommend buying tickets before the 10 May show at the constitution, or can i just get them at the door? will you play an extended remix version of Racheland?

Camden gig
fishy... - pat NN1 - 22Apr2011 4:42 AM
You should be fine turning up on the night, though the venue is small so don't leave it too late in the evening. Playing solo, as I shall be, I think there's a danger that Racheland might put everybody to sleep...

dufourelisa... - jean michel - 1May2011 12:54 PM
hello pat
have we got any chance to hear one more time your fabulous songs in paris ?
good luck
best regards

Download of Devil is My Friend
jcevrt... - Jeff Everett - 1May2011 1:49 PM
I am a big Jazz Butcher Fan and would also like to locate a copy of The Devil Is My Friend. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Recent Pat Fish Songs
scierli... - Stan US - 2Jun2011 10:39 AM

Recently picked up All The Saints and Mercy... Fantastic songs... Any chance of any more solo songs?


New Stuff?
doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 7Jun2011 8:51 PM
Wild, really? Is it all done-like? Could it be put out on the interwebs? Or is this a whole-single-unit-like and wouldn't like being split into pieces and downloaded? Could you go the old way and press some rekkids like dear Mr. Langley has done with the new Aeros record? What's the cost? How much you want to make outta this deal?

I go with the vinyl idea..
joiain67... - Iain Nottingham - 19Jun2011 2:48 AM
  #205/299 I am just sitting here listening to the aforementioned Mr Langley's new offering (and very fine it is too) - although an accompanying download code would have been handy! Presumably you would need to know (on whatever format) how many people were willing to buy (or indeed pre-pay), to help fund?

Anyway, how are you Pat?

redvenus88... - wallfisch - 2Aug2011 3:27 AM
Hey Pat!
44 days and 27 minutes after the last bloke...

I'm living in old Europe these days--in Dortmund, the
Pittsburgh of Germany. Took a job causing a ruckus at the local
Stadt Theater. Woyzeck, Threepenny Opera and other teutonic
Anyway--I've imported my music salon, Small Beast. We also do
Hamburg and Berlin. I think Thomas T. might have mentioned to
you my cockamany idea for conjuring up the non-existent
supergroup reunion of Marcus Maria Jansen, Thomas, you and
me for a few shows. Now might be that moment. Or Spring
2012, anyway--if we can all plan that far ahead. It'd be perfect
for my beastliness.
Get in touch Butcher! Tell me what ya think.
Be well!

The new stuff
marktgallacher... - Mark Gallacher - 16Aug2011 2:26 AM
Pat Pat Pat, you simply have to get this new albums worth of material out to us punks. It's a necessity. Even if it has to be via the evils of itunes or a simple subscription CD or vinyl deal. That would really make a haddock smile. Look forward to the Wilson DVD as well. Love and fishes Marko x

new songs
les.guillaume... - pierre guillaume brussey - 6Sep2011 11:47 PM
I think the subscription CD is a very good idea...!!

dufourelisa... - jean michel (Paris) - 14Sep2011 12:32 PM
Hello Pat
i will come with my family and friends to london and i will support you the 23 OCTOBER AT the 12 BARCLUB
do you know at what time you ll play and how to reserve places

À bientôt (remember the solo's shows at the piano vache in Paris ?)

gigs in Nov?
imgrant... - Iain Grant - 30Sep2011 11:32 AM
Hey Pat ...

Greetings from Canada. Been a while - was a big fan back in the day, and we even opened for the JB at a hall in the middle of a park in Kitchener, Ontario, circa 1986 or 87. ANYWAY ... am coming to London for a bit in very early November. If you're playing it would be a blast to catch it.


Iain Grant

Not sure
neardrums... - Mike/USA(sorry) - 11Oct2011 6:03 PM
Still not sure. I recently imagined that I hooked up with a former co-worker at a record store, and remembered a bit of music from that time. Yours was at the forefront, for what that's worth.
Now I'm most assuredly not sure, but I am 'happy' I guess, that the man whose tunes I continue to dial up(not Itune-wise,etc.-I still use a walkman!)has a forum. Thanks for maintaining the idea that kick-ass rock can sulk, and rage, and kick ass, and love, and regret, and pilfer one's own soul for a time, all the while kicking ass for some reason.

Please tell me if the I-tune thing would be the better way for yourself financially. You need to thrive more.

I typed the red word into the box, but I'd still like the hose again. Rock n' Roll, I guess!

12 Bar Club
rub a dub... - Pat, NN1 - 12Oct2011 3:48 AM
I should be on at about nine o'clock. Details for 12 Bar Club bookings can be found here:

12 bar club
dufourelisa... - Jean michel - 12Oct2011 12:43 PM
thanks pat for these precisions
i try to reserve by phone and mails but i've no response....
so i'll be there of course
so happy to see you on stage 20 years after !!!
(nota the solo sets in paris were at the Troupeau bar...but i remenber the rex club, the new morning, elysées montmartre support tuxedo moon, l'Européen and many more)
amitiés musicales

new material
dave.ungar... - Dave, Ohio - 27Nov2011 3:25 PM
so, uh ... any possibility of releasing new material or rarities or something to make the trip to the mailbox exciting?

any interest in a fan-financed release?

butcher... - The Butcher - 28Nov2011 5:45 PM
The trouble with this fan-funding thing is that the various sites which do it are - at the moment - country specific. I don't think there are enough JBC fans in any one country to make an album happen right now. But we are thinking about it. Pat x

It"s been so long :(
pamm77... - pam from vancouver, bc, canada - 23Dec2011 1:36 AM
Well then: is it Christmas Eve there yet? Brain/time malfunction here. A very happy and into the new year to you and your family and friends. Good grief, I'm listening to "Illuminate", which made me think I could possibly make contact on my shiny new laptop. Perhaps it will work. Here's hoping.....

Thanks for the tunes, Pat. I hope that doesn't sound flip. I was telling a friend a few months ago that I could (and will) happily listen to your music, desert island or not, for the rest of my life. It makes me feel: good, thoughtful, angry, connected,... and who doesn't need that? To that end, if funding for a new album is still pending/wanting;trying, please keep advised. Perhaps global fan funding is possible. Could you, or possibly fans, create a sort of co-op, without too much red tape?

Anyways, here's withing you and yours the very best happiness, health and desired success for 2012. I look forward to learning more. Until then, take good care.

jdvf... - Foonon, New England - 27Dec2011 4:59 PM
Anyone globally can pledge to Kickstarter projects, but creating a project currently requires a U.S. bank account. All you need is someone in the US who is willing to lend a hand.

(Like, oh I

Also, is a UK-based Kickstarter like-a-look, but it only takes UK contributions for the moment. is international, but they charge 4% according to their FAQ


fan funding
pwgabachito... - Pasitos Wells - 27Dec2011 6:59 PM
Chip in works with Paypal, and many international banks can be connected to your PayPal account. I use it to send money from my Mexican bank account to my American.

I have friends in the States who also use it for raising money for their charities.

pamm77... - Pam from Vancouver - 1Jan2012 4:43 PM
Let's get it on! Wha'd ya say, folks? More importantly, what do you say, Pat? You say......

Max Eider, etc
haystackhunter... - WGH from Vancouver - 12Jan2012 10:22 PM
Just got the new(ish) Max Eider album & it's fantastic. Also have a record player for the first time in years so I can listen to my old Jazz Butcher & Woodentops platters. These are great days!

Hey, the last commenter was from Vancouver as well!

Ruenion Tour cd/Tribute cd
liseroussel... - Lise, Toronto - 15Jan2012 11:30 AM
I recently lost a good chunk of my JBC cd's(including a lovely autographed copy of Scandal in Bohemia/Sex & Travel..!) - I was wondering if anyone had copies of the 2000 reunion tour cd and the JBC Tribute/covers cd that they'd be willing to copy? I'm not sure if this is the forum for such a request (or if it's feasible), or if there is another list?

your music
sf74ca... - Jon SF, CA - 15Jan2012 10:41 PM
A few years back when MySpace was popular my band mate posted a comment on someone's page maybe it was The Mirrors and you didn't like it so made a disparaging remark about my band something to the effect of "good luck with that lads". Years later I'm reading a Spacemen 3 book and I finally find out who you are so I come to your website to listen to your music and I have to say what a bunch of boring old dad rock. It is truly wank. Why the hell a band as cool as Spacemen 3 ever let someone like you hang around them is beyond me. I would put the music from that old band up against yours any day.

The Last Post
joiain67... - Iain Nottingham - 16Jan2012 11:28 AM
I know that Pat is more than capable of composing his own defence, but I am pleased to see that the passage of 'a few years' and the discovery that his critic was responsible for a 'load of boring old dad rock' has helped the author of the Last Post to get over said criticism (if saying 'good luck with that lads' can be called criticism...) and move on with his life. Seems to slightly miss the point too that without Pat, who knows whether his (and probably most of ours too) beloved Spacemen 3 would ever have made it out of Rugby.

Anyway, pleased to see that he was at least brave enough to name his band too, so we could check them out...err no he didn't.

Anyway Pat, please update us on album plans, for those who can't wait for a lot more 'truly w**k' genius.


h2ofuego... - James Hollywoodland - 20Jan2012 3:47 PM
Well said, Iian.

Wow. All that (and years later mind you) from a comment off myspace? Of your band? Whew, I highly advise you against anything having to do with entertainment industry or public criticism in general, sir.

It's a losing battle, and with that being said, yes, "Good luck, with that lad."

....ok, so, now back to the more pertinent subject at hand. I also am famished for New material since "Now That's What I Call Northampton Vol. 1". Whaddya say, Pat? Looking forward to the Wilson DVD! Shall we be on the look out for "Now That's What I Call Northampton Vol. 2"? Or a Pat Fish album perhaps? Time will tell.

Cheers, Pat! And to the New Barcelona!!


Lise in Toronoto, request for CDs
dzembower... - David, Chicago - 29Jan2012 5:22 AM
Hello Lise. You can download the tribute cd as individual mp3 files from this website, follow the tribute project link on the left. As for the recording of the 1999 show at Crocodile Club in Seattle (I think that's what you're asking for when you refer to the 2000 reunion tour CD), I'd be happy to make a copy and send it to you. Please post some way I could contact you (email address would be easiest).

Copy of Reunion Tour CD
liseroussel... - Lise, Toronto - 9Mar2012 3:57 PM
Hi David,

I would be delighted to get a cd copy of the show! My e-mail is liseroussel[at] Looking forward to hearing from you!

kind regards,

New album?
pursuedbyemail... - Pursued By Trees - Midlands UK - 26May2012 4:16 AM
"I've got a good album's worth of new and unreleased stuff. I wonder what happens now..."

You set up a page somewhere like pledgemusic or kickstarter, let it be known here and we fund it for you! This in return for a signed advance copy or something of that order. Sound like an idea?

Love & Affection


jdvf... - Foonon, New England - 26May2012 4:47 AM
Found in my inbox today:

The corpse of the Jazz Butcher seems to be twitching. If you're interested, please sign up for the Jazz Butcher Facebook page (it says here) and await instructions.

Lovely in Frinton this time of year.

Augustus Pokerback

If I Can Help
wally... - Wally - 26May2012 10:16 AM
Let me know if I can help spread the word about your new stuff and get your new songs released - i'm sure there will be many people interested.


Looking for glass era cds (I know I am not alone)
richp20... - Rich from Canada - 29Jun2012 2:13 PM
Howdy Folks!
I am a longtime JBC fan. I had the great pleasure of seeing Pat and friends several times here in Canada. Good times. I am also a big music collector and though I spend a great deal of time snooping the corners of the internet and cd shops all over the world I am still without a CD of In Bath Of Bacon, Big Questions Gift of Music vol 2 and the live Hamburg glass era cds. I NEED them in my collection on cd. I have them on vinyl and have ripped them to cd but it just ain't the same. I have plenty of extra rare JBC to trade ( an extra Scandal In Bohemia / Sex and Travel glass era CD in mint) plus a ton of extra rare jbc vinyl. It is criminal that this wonderful music is largely out of print. Anyone want to trade or sell me the goodies I need. Mr. Fish, is there no chance of future re-issues? Also while I am voicing my sob stories, why has Grooving In The Bus Lane (Bloody Nonsense version) been released on cd? Anywho, I just thought I would express my love for all eras of Jazz Butcher material and throw in a rude complaint or two. Can't wait to hear more new stuff. I have Max's recent cds as well as the new Pat tracks on the Northhampton cd, but do sign me up for more new cds and I would like to second someone else's suggestion of a fan funded project. That might be the way to get reissues off the ground too. Don't ask mw what I paid for some of my glass era cds on ebay. Yikes!!!!
Cheers All,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

general adulation
paulmcgu... - paul mcguire los angeles - 29Jun2012 6:49 PM
Dear JB,
Discovered you via LA radio KXLU late 80s. Bought Hey America I Slept Your Wife LP. Genius. Been listening to my cassette i taped off elpee of Planet. What a MASTERPIECE.

Just ordered and received (took me few decades to catch up sorry) Condition Blue, Glorioius and more. Put CB on and heard Shes a YoYo for first time. WOW. As exhilarating a pop song as i have ever heard up there with i Got A Line on you by SPirit. Played it 15 times today. No kidding. Somehow missed tours. 53 year old Hollywood exec in LA. You should be opening for Stranglers (Giants in more ways than one) next tour.

Anyway just wanted to say f-ing great music. The Devil Is My Friend indeed.


Last Of The Gentleman Adventurers
h2ofuego... - Jim Duval - 20Oct2012 7:59 AM
Alright, Gentlefolks, it's finally here THE JAZZ BUTCHER CONSPIRACY - LAST OF THE GENTLEMAN ADVENTURERS and I can't believe no one has commented here on the new album yet! I guess it has only been a few days but still, it has been on constant rotation (house, auto, bus, train, and on foot) with this individual since it's groundbreaking launch at 4pm PST Oct 18, 2012 and I must add, "It's quite the perfect album, indeed!" After 30 years Pat, Max and co. have pulled out all the stops to bring us what can simply and truly be called the album Of The Year!! I've been in contact with all the usual JBC fan conspirators and I know they'll yourselves a tremendous favor and pick yourselves up a copy or 3!! Pat & Max are already gearing up for a few gigs in Japan in early Dec.!! Let's see what we can do about bringing them west across the pond for a little North American action!!! To the future kind Gentlefolks. with much Love & Respect, ~Jim

order/download of new JB
salvi-stefano... - Stefano - Italy - 21Oct2012 6:45 PM
Dear Butcher,
in the section it is not possible to order or download the new album.
Please , how can I get it??

thebutcher... - Pat Fish, NN1 - 21Oct2012 11:31 PM
Hi Everybody,

Just to say that the download release for pledgers has happened, but the hard copy CDs will take a week or two more before they are available.
We'll be sure to let you know when and where you can order them. Digital release via i-tunes and so forth will follow shortly after that.
Best regards,
Pat x

"the jazz butchers"
juan234329... - John Hansen Buffalo, New York - 13Nov2012 5:20 PM
Best of luck with the new release, I looked for it on Amazon today, hoping maybe the CD'S were hitting the rack.
While there I found something by a group called " The Jazz Butchers", I clicked on the 1st MP3 sample, it's some jazz-rock fission thing.
Are you aware of this group? Are they compensating you for the use of the name? What gives?

Them Butchers
thebutcher... - pat fish - 14Nov2012 6:35 AM
The "Jazz Butchers" appear to be a young, serious jazz band from the Los Angeles area. I believe that they have one album out at the moment. I also believe that the first of "our" Jazz Butcher records was almost certainly released before any of the members of this jazz band were actually born. So I'm rather looking forward to an irate letter from their management, asking us to change our band name.

We shall see...

DJ Liam Fish
andyzed1... - Andy Z - 16Nov2012 4:28 PM
Wanted to a) thank you again for pulling together an amazing night tonight. Liams beautiful, breathy melodies were a revelation, and I will be looking him up when I can. And David J has no doubt been on and off the majority of tonight's attendees record players/ tape decks/ cd players/ mp3 thingies for the past 30 years. When you think you know what to expect from someone you have grown up with, you get hit with an extraordinary show, such as was put on tonight, marvellously accompanied by Michael Berg. and b) I wanted to apologise for nicking off after you kindly went to find me a cd! I did lurk about for a while, until the call of nature took over both of us. Feel bad now for incurring you unneccesary postage costs! If you are ever passing, do pop it through the letter box, or better still..... pop in for a brew.
THANKS again for organising tonight. A very special night for everyone in attendance!!!

new album
dufourelisa... - jean michel (Paris) - 28Nov2012 12:49 PM
i got it !
i listened to it !
Beautiful songs Pat !
You welcome in Paris to sing "tombé dans les pommes"

Jazz Butcher will never die !!!!!

ETA for CD?
tripecac... - Travis (NZ) - 1Dec2012 10:02 AM
Any chance of a release of the new CD before Xmas?

pamm77... - Pam in Vancouver - 15Dec2012 2:02 PM
Logged in today after missing a few months to find THE NEW ALBUM HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!! So sorry I didn't help with production costs, but have purchased my quota of album (quantities limited, so only 1 per :( ). Christmas has indeed come early, and can't wait for the CD to arrive! My ears are tingling with anticipation. Thank you, Pat (and everyone else involved). Would love to see you on the West Coast again....maybe we can help with touring costs???!? Here's to the possibilites of 2013!

Love The New Album
wally... - Wally - 16Dec2012 9:19 PM
I'm really enjoying the new album - well done to you and Max and the rest of the band - you still have that magic touch and the sense of humour. Thanks so much!!!

All the best with the upcoming show - wish I could make it but not likely this time - I see you may do a few covers so maybe one day I can get you to play that Television Personalities cover and record it.

Overseas purchase
dmwha... - Dan Whalen - 21Dec2012 7:27 PM
Seems your PayPal only processes UK orders. Tripped up at the counties section and no other options.
What's a feller to do?

overseas purchase
dmwha... - Dan Whalen - 21Dec2012 8:17 PM
Oooops. never mind. Purchase completed! I didn't see the country choice... at the very top !

Wilson DVD
decibel_hell... - Duncan Disorderly - 28Dec2012 6:20 PM
When will the Wilson DVD be available for purchase in the U.S.A.?
Thank you.
- Duncan

annavulpe... - Kittrnchops - 2Mar2013 6:09 PM
'You've got to have a plan in the back of the van'...essential x

Southern Mark Smith is a great song
headhoncho... - Jorge Mario Bergoglio - 13Mar2013 1:10 PM
Thousands of people are queueing in the rain to meet the Pope (meet the Pope, meet the pope, meet the Pope) Francis I

The Jazz Butcher and Sonic Boom
cheeso65... - David, Alhambra, CA - 23May2013 8:38 AM
Hey Pat, I had a dream that the Jazz Butcher made a psychedelic album with Sonic Boom. It was all fuzz guitars, tremolo, and synthesizer. And glorious! Do it!

doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 24May2013 10:19 AM
So. You're there the weekend AFTER PopFest? Dammittohell.

Round Table
andyc... - Andy, Cambridge - 31May2013 5:27 AM
Quick note: Art Brut's Eddie Argos bigged up the Butcher on last night's Round Table on BBC6 Music. Listen here:


PS: Can't wait for the UK dates.

I don't need no Ford Fiesta
Jquinn14... - Jq - 15Jun2013 10:12 PM
I have such fond memories of Human Jungle. Just listening to my old vinyl again and pulled out Human Jungle EP. Wonderful. Please share the chords so I can butcher it myself. Love the JB. Come to Toronto again I saw u in 87 I think. At RPM. Cheers jq

I don't need no Ford Fiesta
Jquinn14... - Jq - 15Jun2013 10:12 PM
I have such fond memories of Human Jungle. Just listening to my old vinyl again and pulled out Human Jungle EP. Wonderful. Please share the chords so I can butcher it myself. Love the JB. Come to Toronto again I saw u in 87 I think. At RPM. Cheers jq

thank gawd
shortatthefront... - c austin canada - 7Jul2013 7:43 PM
"bloody nonsense' came out when everyone took themselves too seriously and had no tunes. JBC had tunes and a sense of humour. even in the barren wastes of Canaday it was apparent something was up. Cheers. Wish I could go to the pub with you.

zevon65... - zevon65 - 10Sep2013 5:53 PM
Please come to Toronto, we need you here! In the 80s I was a field geologist in the wilds of Northern Canada where your music, particularly Partytime, saved our little group of explorers from killing our boss and/or going completely batty. I thank you for that, but I never got a chance to see you play in person.
The new CD is amazing and I finally found a way to order Sumosonic and Waiting for the Love Bus. Happy days!

Love Kittens
wkmccann... - Will, Richmond, Virginia, USA - 27Sep2013 10:40 AM
My children are 8 and 10, girl and boy respectively. My wife sings with a chorus on Monday nights, so I'm with them exclusively those evenings. This past Monday I told them if they brushed their teeth and got ready for bed extra quickly, I'd play them a special song. They raced through their evening ritual and came down to the living room, whereupon I played "Love Kittens" at a substantial volume. (This song drives their mother up the wall, you understand, so I can only play it on Mondays when she's gone.) They laughed out loud, danced around the room, and mimed the saxophone solo. Then they asked me to play it again and again, trying to keep up with the introductory "meows" and pantomiming "only six inches tall..." A great time was had by three. Thought you'd like to know you brought quite a lot of joy to two little kids.

Thanks for all the music.

Lou Reed
cheeso65... - Cheeso, Alhambra, CA - 27Oct2013 4:46 PM
Play Sweet Jane and Over You for Lou today, Butch.


High Performance Rodeo
mgreen... - Michael, Calgary, Canada - 1Dec2013 3:16 PM
Hello Jazz Butchers, would you ever consider coming to Calgary to feature in our annual festival of the arts, High Performance Rodeo? Check it out, you’d be in good company: Calgary still misses you. And, I’d be delighted to host you. Please take this invitation seriously, and with affection.

Merry Xmas La Mer 2012
h2ofuego... - Jimmy Duval - 26Dec2013 9:04 PM
Wishing A Very Happy Xmas (albeit a day late) to The JBC (Pat, Max, Johnny and Tim) and to all the gentlefolk out there! Many thanks for the Xmas surprise, "Gents"!! I've had La Mer 2012 on constant repeat (along with the "The Last of The English Gentleman" and the recently acquired Curtis E Johnson's "The Compleat Unknown"). Adding a little spice into the Xmas festivities. An utterly unexpected and absolutely marvelous surprise treat for the holiday season! Happy to New Year to all!!

My brother's mix
msclafani... - Mike from Bronx, NY - 23Jan2014 5:49 PM
So twenty-one years ago, my brother passed away. When going through his things, I found a mix tape of great songs with no tracklisting. It took me twenty-one years, but I finally identified the last two songs: Olof Palme, and the up-tempo version of Southern Mark Smith that appears on Gift of Music.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a digital version of either song. Is there anyone who can help me? I'm more than willing to pay. This would be of great emotional importance to me.

Calgary High Performance Rodeo
richp20... - Rich from Canada - 22Feb2014 8:16 AM
Just wanted to follow up on the invitation for The JBC to play at Calgary's well respected High Performance Rodeo. I am not a good friend of Michael (though we have met a few times) but I have attended many events at The High Performance Rodeo and at One Yellow Rabbit theatre and can vouch for the wonderful festival and concur that you would be a wonderful fit. I have sent several messages on this board requesting for you guys to return to Calgary for a live show or two. This might be the best way and venue to make it happen. Please bring Max with you! I enjoyed your last couple of shows here in town but it has been way too long and we need you back! Love the new album!

The Last of the Gentlemen Adventurers
doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 11Mar2014 8:14 PM

I confess, I had no small amount of trepidation approaching the new record. Indeed, I've had it in my possession for a year and I just completed the third listening.

Since the JBC hits me on a basic emotional level (even the funny stuff, always has done), I worry about the releases from my favorite artists as I age exponentially. It's not doubt, it's just wondering where this communique will fit in the cupboard of things near and dear to me. Either there's less space in there, or there are more items in store than I'd care to admit.

I needn't have worried. This is a wonderful record. I'll spare you my nonsense re: what I like and why.

Thanks for realizing you had another one in you and getting it out the door.


gregoryoung... - Gregor - 13Aug2014 1:04 AM
I'll be in London Aug 15-17 and then again Aug 25-27. Came here fingers crossed to maybe see if there was a show in Northampton I could make my way too and now see I'll miss three full JBC shows by a matter of days. Great to see you playing again but shaking my head at my unfortunate timing

k b
stephen... - Stephen Howe, Oxford - 6Apr2015 10:52 PM
You may well long have known this - if so sorry for repetition and for ‘re-bringing’ old bad news – but I only just learned that KB Mensah died on NY Eve in Ghana. I see he's mentioned somewhere on this site, as an old school/college friend of several JB-linked musicians.

He and I had remained good friends, though latterly only getting together occasionally, when we were both in London (he’d been living back in Ghana for some years) – he always made a real effort to stay in touch.

So many good (albeit, from the earliest days, often stoned) memories of him, so often revolving also around music, from listening to reggae and jazz in his Oxford rooms to going together, later, in London to hear everything from Louis Moholo and other visiting Africans to various latterday manifestations of the Institution/Random Hold/Jazz Butcher ‘family’… I wish the attached could show, and let me hear again, his laugh.


les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume - Franche Comté - 17May2015 2:37 PM
De retour en France...!
Les gens du sud-ouest sont de sacrés chanceux...!!!

Your attendance is requested.
peter... - Peter Reitzel, Flesherton Ontario Canada - 20Jun2015 11:31 AM
In Canada.
Particularly Flesherton.
What do you say?

la mer sur France inter
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brusser - 22Aug2015 6:55 AM
This morning at quarter to 9, I have heard "La mer" on the french radio France Inter...Very emotionnal...Here is the link:

Rare enough to be told...!!

great news
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brussey - 30Sep2015 11:38 AM
great great news...!!

Vinyl Gentleman/New Jazz Butcher Quartet Album
h2ofuego... - Jimmy Hollywoodland - 2Oct2015 2:04 PM
Seconded! Just landed from Hawaii and I must admit this is Great, Great news!! I've been eagerly awaiting the Vinyl release of "Last of The Gentleman Adventurers" since it was 1st proposed and of course eagerly anticipating any recordings "The Jazz Butcher Quartet" since they began performing! The holidays are a comin'! Thank you, for the great news Pat!! Let's see if I can't get back over to that side of the pond sometime in the near future! Missin' ya, from Hollywoodland, Jimmy D.

re-releases and new music
john... - John Hall Chicago illinois - 8Oct2015 4:04 PM
Wonderful news! I had a lot of fun in the past hunting down your out of print CD's through E-Bay. I would have rather given the money directly to you. Any re-mastering or re-mixing planned? Always loved "Big Planet, Scarey Planet", but thought it sounded a little 'muddy'. Pardon the technical jargon. Can't wait to put some cash in your coffers.

New JBQ recordings.
drop... - Phillip Lewis, Kuranda, Australia - 2Nov2015 3:28 AM
Delighted to hear the news of any new Jazz Butcher material. Congratulations guys. If you do rerelease Big Planet I won't need to buy a turntable.

doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 23Nov2015 9:05 AM
After all this time, Fire finally got itself together. This does, of course, call for a tour of the US.

Fire Records
EchoBmen... - Mark R, Brooklyn, NY - 4Dec2015 3:13 AM
Great news on your deal with Fire. Better a deal with Fire than to play with it. Long time fan, and while my CD version of GENTLEMAN ADVENTURERS will do, I am so happy that your stuff will soon be available once again -- that once the re-releases happen. I guess I'll have to take down my duplicate CD copy of FISHCOTHEQUE from Amazon, which is posted at $100+. THAT'S how happy I am.

Looking forward to a new record from you.

New Album
thomastomasska... - Thomas Tomasska: Gloucestershire - 16Feb2016 8:28 AM

Condition no longer blue!

steve garofalo
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume - 25Mar2016 5:25 AM
So sorry for this loss even if I didn't know him and I didn't saw him play with you...!!!

abus dangereux
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brussey - 9May2016 6:22 AM
3 cheers for Abus Dangereux, french magazine who has very good taste with his interview of Mr Fish: 2 pages, one colour photo and one song (animals) on the CD sampler offered with every magazine !

dufourelisa... - jean michel Paris - 16May2016 1:53 PM
Happy to see that the Jazz butcher quartet is on the road again

We're waiting for you Pat !

Dunkin Bagel?
doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 18Nov2016 7:46 AM
I love this version:

Perpetual gratitude
pressaccofowlow... - Old Andrew - 11Jan2017 10:11 PM
Lads, just another ardent fan thanking you for all the years of sublimely beautiful and odd music. Kitchen dancing, playing bicycle kid for my wee ones, litmus test for potential friends. The joy I feel when I play anything truly gives me hope for these dreadful times. Thank you for everything

Submitted for Pats' consideration
Pursuedbyemail... - Pursued By Trees (Cornwall, UK) - 7Feb2017 6:19 AM
What are the chances of visiting a Jazz Butcher memoir upon the literary world?

Is this something that you might consider undertaking either as a solo project, or perhaps collectively/collaboratively with your fellow and former conspirators?

I reckon that this would make for an entertaining and enlightening read, and possibly another great crowd-funded project.

re:Washington DC
liseroussel... - Lise Toronto - 11May2017 3:57 AM
Hi Pat,

Just wondering if you have written any songs about the fiascoes happening in Washington DC? I think you would be the perfect laureate to comment on these dark days. I read this morning that press secretary Sean Spicer was hiding in the bushes to try to avoid reporters. Alas, it has come to this!

Good time had ATLANTA festival
apples_1215... - BRENDA Atlanta Georgia - 28May2017 4:44 PM
Sounds were great temperature is just right Wonderful night in downtown Atlanta

les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brussey - 20Oct2017 12:04 AM
Hello, is there a jazzbutcher gig for every day of the year...?

matthewbrunswick... - Matthew Melbourne - 26Dec2017 6:26 PM
My two year old daughter got so excited dancing to "Looking for Lot 49" that she jumped into the air for the first time ever.


Wasted Years CD's
johnnybrew... - John Hall (Indianapolis) - 12Jan2018 1:49 PM
I am curious if the Wasted years re-issue have been remastered/remixed or whatever. I already own all these discs, though my copy of Big Planet/Scarey Planet has a very annoying skip during one of the songs. I also thought the vocal tracks on that album were a little muddy or surpressed.

Always happy to send some cash Pats way. His music has lifted my life for over a quarter century. (That's Big Scary).

Pat, I am the same brewer from Chicago you met on the 2000 tour. Still brewing and playing your music in the brewery every chance I get.

Reviews on AllMusic
emailaddyshows[at]howcomeitdoesthat... - Justanotherdarnedex-critic, Somewhere USA - 21Sep2018 4:32 AM
Was looking through your website and noticed you didn't have links to reviews at the AllMusic website for your albums. The ones there are generally very positive, so you might want to do so. I wrote some of them, so I should know... BTW, love most of your stuff I've encountered (though have only heard through "Cult of the Basement"), with "Scandal in Bohemia" being my favorite -- truly fine stuff. Here's a link to that review:

You might be aware of them, but if not, you may want to take a look. Best wishes!

rene... - Rene Walczak Indy - 14Feb2019 6:19 PM
Will always find my way back JBC Rosemary Davis where E U? Cheers Pat!

22 of june's gig
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Besançon - 30Jun2019 12:52 PM
Seems to be quiet a gig...!
Too bad Northampton, UK is so far from Besançon, France...

Re: Box Sets
therecordstop... - Thomas USA - 22Sep2019 4:19 AM
The Violent years and Wasted Years boxes were great. Are we going to see a 3rd covering the last 4 albums? We really should! Thanks

les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume - 3Jun2020 9:34 AM
Thanks for your human jungle video. Like we say in french: ces chansons n'ont pas pris une ride...!

FB Live Show???
doc6502... - Doc - 12Jun2020 7:47 AM
Live from Fishy Mansions, Sunday 14 June
Europe 22:00
London 21:00
New York: 16:00
CHICAGO: 15:00
L.A. 13:00

Sun Is Still Sunny
richp20... - Rich from Calgary, Alberta - 16Aug2020 6:37 PM
Just listened to Sun Is Still Sunny. Damn. Great cover choice. You can still kick me hard in the feelings when you want to Fishy! Tasty stuff.

By the way, I'm still holding you to that promise of a set of those rare tunes that I need in cd quality. I bought and devoured the two box sets (Violent and Wasted years) - loved to hear those wonderful songs again - and the liner notes brought a smile and a tear! But I need many of your lesser known gems available in high quality sound!

Thanks for all the gifts over the years. I still listen to your music often and it is a touchstone and comfort in time like these! Good heath and happiness to you sir! My wallet will always be willing to part with its contents whenever you have more beautiful tunes. to offer!

The gift keeps giving
Thmtelluride... - Tom - 22Sep2020 9:14 PM
Just cranked, very loudly, the Glass/Cartel vinyl 45 of Groovin in the bus lane and Hard on my insane audiophile system here in Brentwood (Los Angeles)CA. I was strutting around my house like a rooster in heat.
I have been listening to the Butcher since about '83. Saw them Many times on any tour that came within 1000 miles of me. Last show was Mercury Lounge NYC I think in early 2000s. Met Pat on several occasions. An honor.
It's hard to overstate the joy that your (and Max's) music has brought, and still brings to me over almost 40 years later. I have almost all of the original vinyl. I won't listen on CD. Just isn't the same.
Your songwriting craft and wit put you among the best in the rock and roll tradition. IMHO.
Thanks Pat. For the gift of your genius.

Cheers from longtime fan
Kevininnes... - Kevin Innes, washington state, USA - 14Dec2020 3:04 AM
Hi! Really want to say how much I’ve enjoyed the music over
the years! Grew up in Winnipeg, introduced to the JBC by
Brave New Waves, on the CBC radio. Saw you in concert in
88 or 89 when you came through on tour. Constantly
somewhere on my playlists. My kids sing along to the songs
as well! Thanks for being a meaningful part of my musical life!

Happy New Year
LetTheRain... - Liam, Oregon - 2Jan2021 7:15 PM
Just wanted to say still blasting JB into 2021

"All the Saints" and "Saints Prayer" Videos
rsd... - Scott, PA, USA - 23Feb2021 3:05 PM
Just posted this video for "Saints Prayer":

which is a companion piece / making of video for the original "All the Saints" video:

Thanks to Pat and Max for the great music!

Olof Palme
Bluesbaruch... - Bryan, Californis - 25May2021 5:58 PM
Olof Palme was a great man and the Jazz Butcher's song about him was a great song. WT holy living F is going on with that song? You can find lyrics online, but absolutely no links to recordings, performances, videos, nothing. Is there something going on with the rights? A legal fight? Or is socialism still such a nasty word in the US that it's been culturally erased? I have the lyrics and I play it busking. I think it's such a culturally important song, it needs to be household familiar and played far and wide. I'm gonna keep playing it. I'm so poor I'm judgement proof, so sue me. Be my guest. It needs to be heard.

Mysterious vinyl
patrik.zarkovic247... - Patrik, Croatia - 5Jun2021 4:10 AM
Hey, I got a vinyl record from my parents a few days ago. They were looking for Joy Division but got something called Jazz Butcher, and that's how I ended up here. The record is called "Jazz Butcher Live Hamburg". It isn't mentioned anywhere on the Internet and I feel like you might know something. If you want photos send an email :)

Hamburg LP
nope... - Pat Fish, NN1 - 3Jul2021 8:58 AM
Hi Patrik, The album that you have was recorded live at Onkel Po's Carnegie Hall, Hamburg (yes, really!) on 16th August 1985. Released by SPV, a German label. It was a very enjoyable gig, but the record didn't come out particularly well, in my opinion. Best regards, Pat x

Interview Request
Paulmcgu... - Paul McGuire - 16Jul2021 6:38 PM
Dear Pat:

I do a radio show for low power/internet station in Los Angeles: I love your work. My show is a pre-recorded hour. I can send you a sample show if you wish. Sometimes I focus on one artist (JJ Cale, The Tubes, The Alice Cooper Group—week after played Caroline Wheeler’s Birthday Present😉) and I am going to soon do an hour on TJB. If any chance I could email you some questions would love to then read your answers on air. Have also done rock journalism off and on since I was 15 fyi.

Anyway longshot but never hurts to ask. Really love your work and have turned many fellow Angelenos and friends onto it. Have played on air Shakey, Devil, Jungle, YoYo, CWBP and Roadrunner.

Hope you are healthy after health scare in recent years. You do great stuff.

Paul McGuire
Canyon Country CA

Third book back CD
lesguillaumepch... - Pierre Guillaume, Brussey - 7Sep2021 10:25 AM
Great news...!
I knew the blue one was missing...!!

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