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Big Question LP
mdbilyk... - Marco - 8Nov2017 1:50 PM
Big Questions album not listed...? first one I bought

where can i find it
dslichacz... - dave, canada - 15Dec2014 6:25 PM
Where can I find Scandal in Bohemia/ Sex and travel?

I need to know, I had the disc but since lost it and want to replace it.
if anyone knows where I can find it please let me know.


Lost Album
pcruz... - Paulo Oporto - 21Nov2012 2:58 AM
I recently had access to a double album, allegedly a compilation named 'Girl Go, The Best Of Creation Years' that I don't find in The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy discography.
Is it possible that I got in touch with a bootleg/unofficial release ?

The Compile Scandal and Sex & Travel
richarthur... - Rich formerly of Canada - 28Jan2010 2:49 AM
Hi Pat, I feel compelled to add that the single CD "A Scandal in Bohemia/Sex & Travel" was in my player non-stop for a few years in the late 80's. A soundtrack to university.
I enjoyed your discography comments. Any comments on this one?

old times
harlan777... - tony foster - 27Dec2007 4:53 PM
alrite pat!!!!!!!!!!!!
you probably dont remeber me 1992 wat a year,
just saw the page and thought Id say hi were can i download some songs??

masmojo... - masmojo - 3Dec2007 1:17 PM
Thanks Pat, One of my favorite shows of all time was the time I saw JBC [at]-remove-Rockafellers(SP?) in Houston! I don't think there was many there, but it was magic! I believe that was around the release of Big Planet, Scary Planet. Maybe you could get with the guys [at]-remove-House of Blues for a N.A. Tour? We got one here now & I would sure be there!! Listening to Condition Blue for the first time as I type this! Really nice! ;-)

lost lp
pat... - The Butcher, NN1 - 19Nov2007 9:59 AM
That'll be "Distressed Gentlefolk", available on CD from as we speak.

Lost Album
masmojo... - Masmojo Dallas, Texas - 17Nov2007 2:59 PM
I had a Jazz Butcher Album up until about 15 years ago when I lost all my albums in a dodgy deal. The one I had was brilliant, but I did not see it in the discography (I might have missed it?) It's been a real long time so I don't recall the name of the disc, but I remeber one of the songs was something like "I will be your food" or something like that ??? Am I confused? does anybody know what I am talking about?

in the beginning
ken.h... - sydney - 14May2005 10:07 PM
I first heard the JB in a record store in Calgary in about 1988. I was on a ski trip to the Rockies. I walked out of the record store with Fishcotheque and Bloody Nonsense. The JB became my soundtrack for that winter of skiing , girls and booze.


i'm letting some jazz butcher cd's go
leo.gelderland... - holland - 31Mar2005 3:31 AM
mint, ofcourse, it's just that... there's too much information. so getting rid of:
fishcotheque, a scandal in Bohemia/sex and travel, cult of the basement,in bath of bacon,rotten soul,distressed gentlefolk, condition blue,big planet scarey planet,america and canada 1992,the gift of music,cake city and... best kisser in the world by max eider.
let me know if you're interested. rest assured: no rip off!

Re-Issues : Jazz Butcher - Glass Era
BoMachRec... - Florida - United States - 10Feb2005 1:17 AM
Pat :

My name is Jeff Pattison . I am a music producer residing in the United States ... and would like to "grasp" the "particulars" surrounding the status of the Jazz Butcher back-catalog (The Glass Era LP's) ... Why they are currently out-of-print or were never issued on CD in the first place . I would be more than happy to lend assistance in this matter in an effort to rectify the matter and bring the "full" spectrum of JB albums back into the "public" mindset . I can be reached via my E-Mail address if you wish to discuss this matter in further detail .

I look forward to your reply .

Sincerely ,

Jeff Pattison
Bone Machine Records

PS - I am hoping to do the same with a host of other artists . For example : "The Screaming Blue Messiahs" ... whose 3 Elektra LP's are "unfortunately" no longer in print .

In Bath Of Bacon
gavin13... - Napa, CA, USA - 2Feb2005 11:18 AM
Hey Everyone,
In Bath Of Bacon (CD) is up on Ebay. Thought
someone might be interested.

class of its own
sarahdn80... - justin - 22Dec2004 8:16 AM
well the first piece of jazz butcher that i acquired was the jazz v prime minister 12." I fell in love with Southern Mark Smith (revisited version). Since then I have been getting all the full albums 15 years later. I have to say overall so far that sex and travel lp is my favorite. Words cannot do justice in describing the moods that come about when listening to jazz butcher music. All I can say is that I am glad they did'nt ever sell out, but instead kept the unique touch throughout their years. Thank you for making me very happy Pat Fish and God Bless you bloke!!!

Hello! frmJPN
TOURN TAPESTRIA... - Tokyo,Japan - 4Feb2004 5:09 PM
Hello I'm JB Fan since 80's.
Please check it out my tunes
Jazz butcher's son, TOURN TAPESTRIA

long time no see
jrob... - Chico, Ca USA - 13Jan2004 6:48 PM
I've been a huge fan since way back with Bath of Bacon, caught as many shows as possible in SF and have never enjoyed a gig more. We always tossed up a full bottle for the band onto the stage.
Anyways, it's good to know you are still out there.

Domestic Animal
mr.ripoff... - Lutzo - 30Sep2003 6:02 AM
Hey, the song you are looking for is called "Domestic Animal" and its on both "Distressed Gentlefolk" and "Draining The Glass 1982 - 86"

looking for a song
jpc... - Laramie - 12Sep2003 8:39 PM
Howdy y'all
Many years ago I heard a song on the radio that I enjoyed. I have reason to believe it was a Jazz Butcher song. All I rememebr is a few lyrics. Can anyone out there help me name that tune.... It had a line in it:
"In the springtime, cats have sex"
Please email me if you have any idea what I am looking for.

Now I have high-speed internet; the world is mine. Pass the gravy.
sequitur2002... - Indianapolis, Indiana - 27Jul2003 8:50 PM
OK, I only have Bloody Nonsense to my collection but it hooked me, all those years ago, and now I know your web address as well as that of eBay. I'm off to the races.

Back in architecture school (Freshman year, '86-'87) my pal BB introduced us all to THE JAZZ BUTCHER and we were all hooked. Mainly because Bloody Nonsense was great, but also because there was not a lot out there to listen to if you went to Ball State University. The coasts were slow in getting fads to us (trickle-down era) - BB even worked in a record store.

BSU, by the way, is in bloody Muncie, Indiana. If you thought Stratford-upon-Avon was bad...

I am enjoying this site and will digest it at my leisure. I will also touch base with BB, currently of Louisville, Kentucky, and convince him to visit too, as his music collection was looted regularly during school. Cheers!

uberpete... - montreal , P Q - 16Apr2003 9:27 PM
Good Gravy , an official JBC site and 3 comments over 3 years ? I'm appalled , dismayed, I tell you . Pat, Max, as a registered alcoholic I have to say that you have made the yummiest pressed-rubber droppings ever . I'm not drunk , not rilly. Why would you assume I'm off my face anyway ? God stop being so fucking judgemental , nobody asked you anyway .

Southern Mark Smith
marc... - Darmstadt, Germany - 27Jan2003 11:59 AM
is Southern Mark Smith about Mark E. from The Fall? If you're interested in doing a song about this man please contact the MES Superstar Project c/o marc[at]

Temptation ( Inside Your Heart)
jack... - Phoenix Az - 22Dec2002 6:58 PM
Hi --
I Remember a version Of the VU's Temptation ... done by JB
I know I have it on a Comp. but can't find it --anybody know where it could be found---

Phoenix AZ

Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and Travel cd for trade or sale
richp20... - Rich E P - 24Dec2001 2:43 PM
Hello butcher fans!

I found an extra copy of the Scandal in Bohemia / Sex and travel two-fer cd. It has some surface scratches but play perfectly (I tried it on several machines) It took me ten years to find the first copy and I know how frustrating it was trying to find it the first time. If anybody has any tasty rare things or excellent quality live recordings I'd love to trade. I could be persuaded to sell it as well.



New releases information????
factus... - Columbus, OH, USofA - 13Aug2001 9:26 AM
Why no information anywhere on the site regarding the pending reissues (A Scandal in Bohemia, Distressed Gentlefolk) and the new compilation (Cake City)? Even has nothing posted.