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Anna Lindh
Fishboy... - NN1, Old Europe - 15Sep2003 6:30 AM
Can't believe this has happened again.

Not so long ago Goran Persson was joking with the UK press. "Yes, send us your anti-Euro campaigners. They are all mad and good for the "yes" vote. Come on, Britain, send us your loonies."
Well, I imagine he feels a bit stupid about that now.

And now we all know how the anti-Euro lobby behaves.


Tab for Olaf Palme ??
steve.hyde... - Oxford, UK - 12Sep2003 3:54 PM
Can anyone help a terrible tone deaf guitarist (me) play the
greatest song of all time ?

Tab or chords would help

Palme is nice
Yensnaps... - Marcus Kallbrandt - 30Mar2003 9:00 PM
Palme was a good man.

Olof Palme
you... - 2Aug2002 3:46 PM
I'm amazed how much history I learn through the JB. Should I be embarrassed?

olof palme
ecl... - oxford-esque - 25Feb2002 9:50 AM
This remains my fav JBC song. I have had in my head for the last 11 years, I think. I even once quoted the lyrics in a comparative politics lecture.

pollymix... - Visby, SWEDEN - 25Oct2001 4:45 PM
Why doenīt anybody like this song? Well... itīs nice, but looking for OLOF Palme, you wouldnīt find it, because thatīs his name...