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Come back to Canada
steve.mclean... - Steve McLean - 13Aug2018 9:08 AM
I reviewed this concert for The Cord, WLU's student newspaper. Pat and I sat around talking and drinking for quite a while after the show in some small room where I was sitting on a counter. It was one of my favourite one-on-one times with an artist. I don't recall if I recorded it for an interview. I'd have to search back through my archives.

The Perfect Guests
gnpshows... - Lindsay, Kitchener - 14Sep2014 5:25 PM
I had the pleasure of hosting the Jazz Butcher at my apartment before the show and for the after party. What I had thought a rather large (and alleged) supply of hash went up in smoke and much Russian vodka went down the gullet. Truly a memorable day and evening, if I could remember it all. I made fast and instant friends with Kizzy that day and I was gutted to hear of his passing. Much love to all the Butchers!

Wonderful gig ...
imgrant... - Iain Grant - 30Sep2011 11:38 AM
Wow, unreal that this mechanism exists and that people are still commenting after all this time. I was in the opening act that night, and recall hanging out in that little room off stage left. Fun times, to be sure ... there were SOOOO many cuties in the crowd that night, and I know WE weren't pulling them in ...



Best Concert Ever
inb4dalock... - Joe C. Waterloo - 14Feb2008 8:48 PM
What a night. JB defined our youth and a little bit of our attitude to debauchery. To see our favourite band at that time so close and at such a small venue was tops. Screaming out "KIZZY!" in a drunken chorus got a smirk out of him. I shouted, "I was DRUNK!" to Mr. Fish's audience query of ones whereabouts in 1983(?). Got a smirk out him too. Great show, everyone was into it and the band knew it and loved it. Best moment of the night? We're outside leaving and Pat Fish catches up to us to chat. He mentioned something pictures of the Queen everywhere in England. That lad needed a drink.

memorable evening
d.m... - DAVE[at]-remove-THE-LOO - 5Mar2007 11:15 AM
Had a beer backstage with Pat... a Blue, kept the can.

JammyPak2003... - Waterloo, Cda - 7Jun2004 1:39 PM
I've seen the JBC several times now, but this was my first show.
I was enamored with the Jazz Butcher as only a teenager could find out 'my band' was coming to my conservative hotbed of a home town was like getting a new shirt, scoring a mickey from your friends older brother, and making out with a new girl all on the same weekend. I don't remember the show stopping early, but if it did I've long since blocked it out.

Those bastards!
chrisandjen... - CantankerousApe - 30Nov2003 11:39 AM
I {think} this was a good show. I do remember enjoying "Sex Engine."

Mostly, though, I remember that the plug was pulled early because of a noise bylaw - something ridiculous like 10 or 11PM. I have hated Kitchener ever since.