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Date: Saturday, April 15th 2017 1492214400 (6 years 171 days ago)
Venue: The Lexington (Website)
Location: 96-98 Pentonville Road London England N1 9JB
Telephone: 44 20 7837 5371
Admission: £15:00
⭐ With
Pat Fish , Steve New ( bass ) , Simon Taylor ( trumpet ) , Dave Morgan
📷 Photos
Credit: Arash Torabi
Credit: Mick Heeson
jimdavies_lex_1 jimdavies_lex_2 jimdavies_lex_3_group
Credit: Jim Davies
20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040651 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040665 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040667
Steve New
20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040675 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040681 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040684 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040685 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040691 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040703 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040709
Dave Morgan
20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040710 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040711 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040716 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040721 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040723 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040725
Simon Taylor
20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040727 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040744
Steve New
20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040754 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040765 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040774 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040781
Pat Fish
20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040790 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040792
Simon Taylor
20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040796 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040804 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040805 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040807 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040819 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040831 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040848 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040853 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040857 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040861 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040867 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040871 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040877 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040878 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040894 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040898 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040900 20170415_JazzButcher_Tidmarsh_P1040910
Credit: \[at]-remove-PlanetruthPictures
Credit: Kev Matthews
20170415_countrymile_1 20170415_countrymile_2 20170415_countrymile_handbill
Credit: \[at]-remove-country_mile 2017-04-16 (Sunday, 16th of April 2017 - 6 years 170 days ago)
20170415_popnews1 20170415_popnews2 20170415_popnews5 20170415_popnews6
Credit: Pop News 2017-05-03 (Wednesday, 3rd of May 2017 - 6 years 153 days ago)



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📝 Pat Says

Morgan was splendid on drums. The whole thing is accelerating wildly into full-on electric rock. With a trumpet. A trumpet that sounds like the heat death of the universe.

Well, life is full of surprises.

Special thanks to the people who travelled tonight from Paris, Glasgow and Minneapolis* to join the twisted fun.

Fishy out xxx

* - Brian Kelly! xxx

♥ Reviews

Lexington gig
So happy to see you and talk with you

The show was perfect and i like the additional trumpet sound

The venue was good and most of the people come to see the JBQ

Bonne continuation

A bientôt Pat 😎😎

Credit: Jean Michel 2017-04-17 14:49:27 (Monday, 17th of April 2017 - 6 years 168 days ago)

🎼 Played

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  • Lexington gig
    Dufourelisa[at] - Jean Michel
    17Apr2017 2:49 PM (6 years 168 days ago)
    So happy to see you and talk with you
    The show was perfect and i like the additional trumpet sound
    The venue was good and most of the people come to see the JBQ
    Bonne continuation
    A bientôt Pat 😎😎