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Little lights going on and off in Chinatown.
There are little lights going on and off in Chinatown.
The Chinese are watching, the Chinese are writing this down.

Chinamen are always silent and discreet with you.
Chinamen will give you no idea what they plan to do.
Chinamen are all inscrutable and so are you.

Chinamen are moving silently in the shopping street;
Nobody should ever think that this is indiscreet.
Chinamen are very elegant with tiny feet (Tiny feet!)

We must have a plan if we're to outwit all those Chinamen (x3)

(Ah so - Detective Sergeant Ho)

From the BBCTV series "The Chinese Detective", whose braindead tokenism inspired the (rather odd?) lyrical tone.

Little lights going on and off in Chinatown.
Yes, those little lights going on and off in Chinatown.
The Chinese have notebooks and pencils and write this all down.

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  • oops
    pat[at] - pat, nn1
    22Feb2018 12:25 PM (5 years 220 days ago)
    Fair enough. It was actually supposed to be that very thing (especially in terms of the dumb music cliches) but it was done clumsy as hell, I'll grant you that, so I can only hold my hand up. Doh! Sorry!
  • sure
    jmck[at] - poi dog
    22Feb2018 12:10 PM (5 years 220 days ago)
    oh yeah, sure JB, this is a _critique_ of racism. Gotcha.