The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Lyrics South America


South America
Oh no, oh me
Shame and sorrow in the library

Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay
Chile and El Salvador, Columbia and Ecuador
Panama, Guyana too Nicaragua and Peru
But Bolivia's the one we really rate
'Coz you can eat your dinner by the river plate


South America
Muggers, spiders and parasites
Crawl about the streets
So late at night

Eat it up now, don't be slow
We go where those pygmies go
In and out of the tropical basin
Everything is quite amazing
There are English men and there are Spanish priests
Spiders, snakes and other beasts
In Ecuador, Paraguay, Surinam and Uruguay


A message!

South America is getting me down it's a man's life in South America (x2)
If the muggers don't get you then the spiders will (x2)
South America is getting me down it's a man's life in South America

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Pat Says

The Butcher Says..
The first song I ever wrote. Shows, doesn't it?


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  • Part of My English Lesson Today
    becaal[at] - Brad Dayton
    18Oct2010 10:00 AM (12 years 352 days ago)
    This is among my fav JBC songs. I used it in my middle school English class today!
  • wait just a minute!
    plasticsoul2001[at] - San Gabriel, CA
    21Oct2005 2:33 AM (17 years 350 days ago)
    I just special ordered a brand spankin' new Vinyl Japan copy of Gentlefolk from my local independent record shop and was dismayed to find that "South America" had fallen off the CD somewhere in transit. What gives?

    With or without the burgled track it is still a damn fine record. I don't know how I've managed without it all these years since my cassette copy died.

    Now my wife wants to know why I keep answering the phone by saying "Vhat You Vhant"
  • South america
    scott[at] - brampton canada
    10May2003 5:37 AM (20 years 150 days ago)
    Great pop tune with all the ells and whistles...despite it eing the Butchers first song! Perhaps my favorite Butcher song...ok top ten!

    Scott G