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The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Surf Gear In Idaho


Surf Gear In Idaho
In the Duma
In the Pentagon
In Westminster
and the Vatican

You raise your hand
to govern us
You raise your hand
You make a fuss
You raise your hand
You miss the bus
It's got to be the devil's work

I can't prove that the ark of the covenant
isn't going to pull you through
and I can't prove to you that your government
will never lay it's hands on you

If I could help I'd bend your spine
until you believed that it was going to break
If I could help I'd watch the skies
for what it is that I'm supposed to do

Broken and winded
the people go to work
Choked and divided
they do your business

There'll be a hanging
when they catch up with you
There'll be a hanging
before they get through
There'll be a hanging
and yes I do mean you
and hanging is the Devil's work.

and I'm still looking
for a civilised way
to talk with you
oh here I go, still looking
for a civilised way
not getting through

and then a strong man comes
and he's done his sums
and he gives us free TV
to watch the executions
'cos everyone loves a show

at the end of the world there's a light
it's God's sidecar.

Hear the people's voice
he's the people's choice.
He's a hero (x3)

It's the people's fight
and it's the people's right.
He's a hero

It's the people's wall
and it ain't about to fall.
He's a hero

We need a strong man's hand
We need a North/Quayle ticket
We need Edelstein and Haider

Edelstein is the real name of Vladimir Zlirinovsky. Georg Haider is a nasty Austrian yuppie facist politician.
just like we need

Surf Gear in Idaho (repeat)

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1994 live line-up stumbled through a series of tunes and such under Butcher's direction, aided and abetted by a number of the usual suspects; Alex Lee on guitar, Alex Green on saxes, that sort of thing.
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The JBC continue in pissy mood, trying to sneak up on a few seedy wankers from the religious & nationalist right. Source: Creation Promo Summary
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  • Surf gear in Idaho
    pamm77[at] - pam in vancouver
    9Feb2013 5:04 AM (10 years 234 days ago)
    Have loved, loved this song since I heard it first in '96. Anthemic and beautiful. And funny, too, since if/when the big one comes to the west coast, Idaho could be the new beach front. Forward thinking indeed ;)