The Jazz Butcher


Charmed I'm sure
But what on Earth are you saying?
It's happened before
And I just leap on the bus and ride away
It's got me paralysed this time
Just like I never thought it could
Like I always knew you would
The moment that you came

It doesn't matter what time you get home
Coz everybody wants to meet you
Everybody's at your feet
Everybody thinks you're swell

So now it's "au revoir"
And a curse on the ocean
Only I got a notion
I'll be with you again
You know I will
When you're all alone
On the streets of a far-off town
Well remember when they're falling down
They're just like you and that's beautiful

It doesn't matter 'bout the streets you're walking down
Coz everybody wants to see you
People even want to be like you
Everybody thinks you're swell
Everybody thinks you're swell
Everybody thinks you're swell

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Having ended up on Creation Records, which I took as a bit of a validation, I was keen to get as far away from all those "w" words that had followed my group around. The sessions were chaotic and funny. What disappoints me is that it came out sounding so SMOOTH and tidy. But I like Fishcotheque; I wish there more records as good as it.
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creation_records, Relativity Records
The Violent Years
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  • Swelling with Pride
    sequitur2002[at] - Sequitur
    21Nov2006 7:39 PM (16 years 318 days ago)
    The toilet-plunger percussion is discomforting but I can overlook this. It's a beautiful song with a myriad of instruments, expected and otherwise.

    I wish I could see her.
  • just swell
    lawrence.mccluskey[at] - Glasgow, Britain
    4Nov2004 10:44 AM (18 years 335 days ago)
    This is, for me, Pat at his most subtle. It took me some time to pick up on the poignant subtext. Initially it sounds like a straight forward ode but beneath the complimentary surface is a tale of loss and regret. Easily my favourite Jazz Butcher song.

    "They're just like you and that's beautiful".