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All the Saints
I was born a child of the modern world: I can work the internet
But I don't see the point of mobile phones.
The Kinks, the Space Race and the constant threat
Of nuclear annihilation were enough to get me through the day.
I saw this coming twenty years ago:
So risk-averse you legislate your lives into rehearsal.
Sift through random pickings from our toxic landfill island history: Things might seem better but they're worse.
I have to ask myself if maybe Devo got it right: evolution's gone into reverse (From Vol.1 of Now That's What I Call Northampton)

For all the saints, who took their chance,
Who wrote their own rules, their own romance
In upstairs rooms, on boats and trains,
De profundis; threads and stains,
The work remains.

Lord, I'm gonna shake it.
Lord, I'm gonna take it, Lord.

For all the saints, who from their labours rest
Beneath the landslide of souls obsessed with right and wrong,
Who dared to stand against the tide:
Is it worth it? You decide.
Just take the ride.

Will your dreams be half as bright tonight?
Will your dreams be half as bright tonight?
Will your dreams show you where to go?
Will your dreams be a horror show?
Will your dreams be half as bright tonight?

© Pat Fish 2010

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