The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Almost Brooklyn


Almost Brooklyn
I can't recall ever feeling this way,
But Hell came to my house, so I'm moving away.
Just another night to be out and down
On the far-off streets of a used-up town;
It's the same two hundred round and round
And it gets to me and it gets me down,
But I don't care now for and hour or two,
Just a little time to spend with you,
And I walk these streets and the trees are limes
And it's almost Brooklyn, almost time...

Almost Brooklyn.

I don't care any more, and your clothes look too cool,
And I fall through this door, and your clothes look too cool.
And I fall on you like a falling tree,
Coz you kill me and splinter me.
And it's hard to follow, hard to see,
Won't you tell me what you think of me?
I've lost my faith and I'm down and falling.
Wasn't that some angel calling?
I don't know where we go from here,
But I want to go with you, my dear.

And it's almost Brooklyn.

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  • The fuel burning oracle review
    Fuelburningoracle[at] - New York, smelly side of planet.
    13Jul2005 7:55 PM (16 years 14 days ago)
    A brilliant song, so sad it's so scarce in the JBC library. Tons of
    echo and the constant drum beat birthed from the Butchers eyes
    blinded at an ultra vivid scene. Audionically beautiful,
    uncomprehendable... right up there with the poor spy. Winner
    Winner Chicken Dinner.
  • Twat
    Corporal Clegg - Old Europe
    9Jan2005 9:25 AM (16 years 199 days ago)
    Enjoy the draft, won't you?
    sex[at] - Irvington, NJ USA
    8Jan2005 12:34 PM (16 years 200 days ago)
    This sucks!!!!!