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Hey Ben? I saw the whole thing on T.V. And Ben? He looked really beautiful. You, I couldn't see. But the ugliest thing was the crowd stood there watching. I wonder if anyone screamed? Oh Ben. In a place that we've all been. Ben? Please don't be offended. When I think about it. I think I'm with you. And Ben? There are times I've wanted to be there with them too. But it just can't be done and they weigh half a ton. And they don't like you going in there. See Ben; It's a family affair. Still on the nursery slopes at an age like yours! Looking at it all I can see you'd be appalled But someone's gonna love ya, sometime Ben. Ben? It's not over yet. There's still one final squalid thing. Now they're rounding up the ones who got away. From the place they wouldn't even let you in. Liars and thieves with their crap about caring Are hardly the friends that you need. Ben; In times like these.

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Waiting For The Love Bus
There's a clean, simple sound to a lot of this that Condition Blue detractors might appreciate. I'm ten years older now than when I made Bath, and right now, after all that morbid stuff, it only really feels like about three. There's rockin' shit and there's a big ballad or two and some weird little pop songs and a nice family sing-along about penguins. I hope you like it.
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The Butcher Says..
Written about Ben Silcock, who, having failed to get any help from our "national health servive" with his schizophrenia, tried to feed himself to the lions in London Zoo, Christmas 1992.
Written in January, after hearing some extraordinary remarks from ordinarily decent people concerning a character in a news story who seemed to me - in quite black and white terms - the victim. Full of good intentions and bruised sensitivities I tried to write a tune about it. I tried to stay respectful and clear. In the time between the recording and the release of this tune a similar incident occurred in New York. I didn't catch the name this time. Source: Pat Letter 1993-08-30 1993-08-30 (Monday, 30th of August 1993 - 30 years 106 days ago)

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