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Big Cats
Big cats are back, and this time it's real.
You'd best believe them when they tell you how they feel.
Big cats are back, and this time they're mad.
They're going to show you the best time you ever had.
Big cats are out tonight, big cats don't know from right.
Big cats know how to fight, though
big cats are black and white
Big cats are out tonight, big cats are burning bright
Big cats are stalking while your friends just sit there talking.

Twenty thousand years ago,
so many creatures disappeared but no one seems to know
what came to pass, they're just trying to hide
but human beings stole the earth when they invented genocide.

(heh) God's creatures one by one, the arrow then the gun
They'll excavate the ground, they'll burn your forest down.
And when they've burned the wood, or you too, if they thought they could
Big cats are unafraid, you'd better run away.
Big cats are back, and that's not so weird.
They're just missing persons who've re-appeared.
Big cats are back, and this time they're mean
Yes it's time for them to tell you where they've been.
Cause I don't know if you've been told
But Big cats can't be bought or sold.
Find out now before you're old
That time is worth much more than gold. Credit: Pat Fish

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Well, I'm back from America. We had a good old time of it, and by the end of the tour we had worked 5 songs off the new record into our live set. The title of the new waxing, incidentally, is Rotten Soul.
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  • alien cat
    Fishburger[at] - Pat, NN1
    23Dec2014 6:12 PM (8 years 280 days ago)
    Hi folks. Sorry to say this, but that alien cat link leads to a load of semi-literate shite. Just so that you don't waste your valuable time, like. If it's an ironic hipster parody...well...same thing actually.

    Happy Christmas,
    Your e/l Butcher
  • Cat alien conspiracy
    aa[at] - Aliencat NY
    20Dec2014 5:55 PM (8 years 283 days ago)
  • whoppers
    headstone[at] - the butcher, NN1
    26Mar2006 9:37 AM (17 years 189 days ago)
    For the view from Northampton, where sightings have risen dramatically over the past couple of years, see:
  • Big Cats, of course
    michael[at] - Michael, Oxford
    23Mar2006 6:19 AM (17 years 192 days ago)
    For all your big cat needs, contact: